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By Mark McConville

INCREDIBLE images have captured a group of Red squirrels indulging in a game of Harry Potter’s favourite sport, quidditch.

The stunning shots show the squirrels balancing precariously on what appears to be flying brooms, with a Union flag and the Stars and Stripes denoting the teams.

Other striking snaps show the squirrels reading as they relax on the broom and using the broom in a more traditional sense to sweep up.

Geert Weggen /


The surreal photographs are the work of artist and photographer Geert Weggen (49) from Bispgården, Sweden who snapped them in his back garden.

“These are scenes with a broom and with squirrels, which are looking for food,” he said.

“The food hangs in the air and the broom was hanging on wires and in other cases the broom was nailed in the floor.

Geert Weggen /


“It often takes some days for these wild squirrels to get used to some props which are challenging.

“The broom moves in the air whole the time and it is hard to balance, but the squirrels learn fast and do everything for food.”

Geert has an outside studio at the side of his house, with half of it covered by a roof. He creates scenes on a table and squirrels come from a nearby forest to search for the food he hides.

Geert Weggen /


These photos form part of a Halloween series which Geert hopes to turn into a book. He explained how he took the images.

“Squirrels are able to hold things like apes or humans and beside that they can walk on two legs,” he said.

“That makes them perfect to capture them in situations what humans do. They have a wonderful size to create miniature and fantasy worlds. This kind of shooting is creating fairytales in reality.

Geert Weggen /


“When I look to my work I feel wonder and happiness. Magic and beauty is found everywhere.

“Many of my shots don’t look possible or are rarely seen. It makes people look twice or leaves them in wonder.

“I love to create and use my creativity. Also I hope my photos capture the love I feel for these beautiful beings.

Geert Weggen /


“These little animals live in the forest, but I have no idea where. They have become my wild friends.

“If there would be no food probably they would not come at all. I hope to find a publisher for my squirrel Halloween book.”