By Saloni Mathur


ENDEARING images of a rare white rhino baby being treasured by mum were captured in Nairobi National Park, Kenya.

Only a few months old, the little calf can be seen snuggling up to his mum and taking a relaxing nap under her watchful eye.

White rhinos have been classified as near threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

Only 10,080 mature individuals are estimated to be left around the globe, and their population is declining.

To protect them, their protected areas are being expanded, and new ones are being established.

White rhinos are closely monitored to safeguard them from poaching, and international laws are being enforced to stop the illegal flow of rhino horn from Africa to other regions of the world.

This adorable and rare duo was snapped by a passionate wildlife photographer, Remi Vacher.

“Nowadays, it is always a great feeling to see horned rhinos since most of them get their horns removed because of poaching activities,” he said.

“Adding to that, this intimate interaction between the mum and her baby was amazing.

“Witnessing this strong and impressive animal show emotions towards its baby was fascinating, and it reiterated the importance of rhino conservation worldwide.”