By Saloni Mathur


HORRIFYING CCTV footage shows a little girl being attacked by a pet dog in an apartment lift in India.


The incident took place in an upscale neighbourhood of Noida, India.


The video shows the lift opening and the dog rushing in and immediately jumping on the little girl.


A man rushes in and pushes the girl back while kicking the dog out.

The terrified girl quickly closes the elevator door and clutches her injured hand in pain, wiping out her tears.


The lift reaches the ground floor, and she exits.


So far, there has been no statement from the police or society regarding the attack.


This is the latest incident in the growing list of dog attacks.


According to reports, “In April, a German Shepherd was seen charging at a six-year-old girl riding her bicycle within an apartment complex in Ghaziabad.

“In March, the Centre asked states to ban selling and breeding 23 ferocious dog breeds, including pitbull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs.

“The directive added that those with these breeds as pets must sterilise them at once.


“The Animal Husbandry Department said it has received representations from citizen forums and Animal Welfare Organisations to ban people from keeping some breeds as pets.”