Most entrepreneurs dream of investing in New York’s property market. The market is dynamic with a consistent stream of investors and home buyers. Working as a realtor in NY opens you up to a dynamic and rewarding career.

But before you can start selling property or managing rental homes on behalf of the owners, you need a relator’s license. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to get a realtor’s license in the U.S. A huge part of this is because technology has made online learning more convenient than ever.

So, how exactly do you embark on this journey to becoming a licensed realtor in the Empire State?

Let’s Start With the Basics

Before we dive into what school offers the online pre-licensing program, ensure that you meet the basic prerequisites. For starters, you must be 18 or older to work as a realtor in NY. Education requirements aren’t as strict as in other states.

Here, you don’t need a high school diploma or GED certificate. You also don’t require state residency to work as a realtor in NY. By far, New York has the easiest eligibility prerequisites for anyone who wants to work in the property market.

Find the Best New York-Approved Online Course

Online pre-licensing programs offer more convenience and flexibility. You can study and still retain your 9-5 job. It is also faster than attending in-person classes at a local college. The study plans are self-paced, allowing you to quickly cover easy topics and use extra hours for the more challenging ones.

Find a reputable online pre-licensing program like RealEstateU. Ensure that the program is accredited by the NYDOS to avoid trouble during exam registration. The NYDOS vets the school or online course, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education that adheres to the approved curriculum.

Pre-Licensing Course and Exam Prep

The coursework is around 77 hours long. It will introduce you to the rules and regulations governing NY’s property market. You will also learn how to write contracts, appraise property, and offer financial advice to homeowners. Many online schools incorporate interactive elements, quizzes, and practice exams to solidify your understanding.

After you have completed the coursework, it’s time to prepare for the state exam. Don’t rush through this process. Take your time and study hard. You can purchase an exam preparation package or hire a tutor to help you study for the test.

Exams and Finding a Broker

Exams always strike fear in most students. This is normal, but don’t let it destroy your confidence levels. Our research shows that 70% of the students pass NY’s salesperson exam on their first attempt.

The examination consists of 75 questions covering the contents of the pre-licensing course. To pass the exam, you are required to answer 53 questions correctly, corresponding to a passing score of 70%. As a new realtor, you must then find a licensed real estate broker to sponsor and mentor you.

Many online realty schools can assist you in connecting with potential sponsoring brokers. Their role is to guide you and offer mentorship as you start your career as a licensed realtor in NY.