By Rebecca Chitolie


THIS COUPLE set off on a sixteen thousand mile world tour in their one hundred year-old British 1924 model Bean brand classic car.

Langley Richard (70) and Beverley İrene Kidby (77) hit the road with their 100-year-old classic car from England, to complete their 16 thousand mile road tour following the route of Australian adventurer Francis Britles, who was the first man to drive a car from England to Australia in 1927.

The couple recently made the news when they visited Turkey, the 9th country on their world tour route, attracting attention in Samsun, where they took a break.

The Kidbys, originally from Brisbane, set out from England on February 29, and arrived in Turkey after passing through France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Croatia and Bulgaria with their 100-year-old classic car.

Langley Richard Kidby explained more about their world tour with this classic vehicle.

“We’ve come from England. We entered Istanbul via Europe. From there we came to Samsun.

After Samsun, we will leave Turkey and head towards Melbourne, Australia. In this process, we will visit many other countries such as India, Pakistan and Myanmar.

“We will complete our world tour and return to Australia. Our aim is to repeat the first world tour with the classic vehicle in 1927, with the same route and vehicle.

“We will travel around the world with my wife, and then, after reaching Melbourne, Australia, we will return to Australia on the same route and complete the world tour,” he said.

After Turkey, Langley Richard Kidby and Beverley İrene Kidby couple will stay in Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia to eventually reach Australia.