There is always something quite exciting for football fans when seeing a live game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the north of London. Not only is it one of the largest stadiums in the Premier league, but it’s in London, where there is so much to see and do when in the city for a game. If you are traveling to the City especially to see the Spurs in action, why not take time out to get in a bit of sightseeing and entertainment as well? Here are some of the things you just might want to do after the Spurs match or if you decide to extend your trip.

1. Wembley Stadium

You’ve already seen Tottenham Stadium, so why not take the time to get a view of Wembley Stadium whilst in London as well? Not only will you be standing on years and years of football heritage, but you will be able to get a firsthand look at where all domestic championship matches are held and many international matches as well. If you are traveling from the USA, be prepared to call it football. At home, it’s soccer, but in other parts of the world, it’s football. You’ll be understood when calling it soccer, but as they say, when in Rome do as the Romans. When in the UK, call it football!

2. Go to the Theater

Second only the NYC’s Broadway, the West End theatre district of London is a sight to behold. Here is where some of the leading performances can be seen, and if you know when you’ll be staying for a game or match at Tottenham, you can see what’s playing in town. You might even develop a new interest alongside football, and when you’re back home, you can buy tickets from Both at home and in London, though, you should book early to make sure you can get the seating and dates you want as theater tickets tend to sell quickly.

3. Twickenham World Rugby Museum

Football isn’t the only famous game in the UK. Rugby is another sport that is nationally popular in the country, and if you are already a sports fan in London, why not check out Twickenham Stadium and the famed World Rugby Museum? With more than 25,000 exhibits, you could plan to spend some time enjoying learning more about the sport and some of its amazing history. As one of the venues from the past World Rugby Cups, the stadium and museum are a must-see when spending time in London.

So, there you have just a few things you could see and do in London when in town for a game of the Spurs. Take time to see a live theater production in the West End, but do take time to explore the markets in the East End as well. There is so much to see and do, but as a sports fan in the city for the Hotspurs game, don’t forget there are other sports and other stadiums you’ll want to see as well.