By Shannine O’Neill


EERIE IMAGES have been captured of a home where the family seemingly vanished without a trace alongside rumours that a young girl had been murdered there.


One image captured a handwritten letter signed by the daughter, who locals believe still haunts this place, which contains a cryptic and sad message.


Another image shows the bathroom sink still adorned by toothbrushes owned by the family, as if they vanished one day.

The home was left as it was before the family left.

Ben James (29) from Cambridge, England captured creepy images of an abandoned home with rumours that the child was murdered there.


The two-storey home in Lincolnshire, UK was suddenly left abandoned for over a decade after the family-of-three seemingly vanished without a trace.


After speaking to locals of the area, Ben discovered that a mother, father and young daughter lived at the home before suddenly vanishing and never returning to get their belongings, including all their clothes still in their wardrobes and their toothbrushes still in the bathroom.


Ben was informed by locals that the circulating rumours about the house included that the parents may have fled overseas afterwards, explaining their sudden departure and never seeing them or their daughter ever again.


“I was told that a girl used to live there with her parents,” he said.

Pictures left on the fireplace.

“One day the family disappeared and the neighbours didn’t know what happened.


“All the curtains were shut and parcels were left undelivered at the door.


“It turns out the family simply vanished one day.


“Rumours around the village are that the daughter could have been murdered by persons unknown.”


Ben was informed by locals that people refused to enter the home as it was believed that the ghost of the daughter, Lucy, still resides in the home to warn people away from it, which is why the home has been left exactly how it was the day the family left.


“The house is full of everything, even the clothes in the wardrobes, the family pictures are on the fireplace,” he said.


“There are toothbrushes still in the bathroom so it’s as if they just vanished one day and didn’t take anything with them.

One of the bedrooms.

“The locals say that apparently Lucy haunts the house to keep people away and that’s why no one has ever gone in.


“It’s a very chilling story but it’s an amazing place.”


An eerie letter from Lucy was found in the home, which contained the cryptic words: “I hope you live a very long time… I promise I’ll always do what you say… so you’ll believe me and then I will be happy, so please”.


Wardrobes filled with clothes and a bathroom stocked with toothbrushes, cotton buds and hair care products were left exactly as they would have been when they lived there, adding to the mystery of the family’s bizarre and sudden vanishing.