Beautiful homes are always in style, but the details that make them unique come and go. Either it is your home or apartment, a well-decorated place is always appealing. With some small changes and tiny details, we can change our abode in no time. Designing and managing an apartment is a lot of work, but it can also be very rewarding. If you need some fresh inspiration, we have gathered these amazing ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some ideas for a completely new apartment look.


Start with the walls.

Walls are the first thing to give it a new look. Paint them in soft light shades, such as whites and creams for your living room or dining area. Add some artwork to the wall that matches your decor style, like furnishing and area rugs. Add framed family photos over your sofa with matching frames on top of it if you have enough space. Paint your bedroom in lighter shades, such as light blues and yellows. Add a bed skirt to your bed for that extra pop of color. A soft and light color will give your place a clean and relaxing look. The light shades are also a great way to leave some of your walls blank and let the artwork do all the talking.


Buy a Few Furniture Items

No, we don’t tell you to buy everything new. Instead, pick up a few items like an accent chair or an ottoman to mix some patterns and textures into your space. If you’re looking for furniture that goes well with most decor styles, choose neutral colors such as grays, taupes, and beiges. Changing a few pieces will make your place feel like a whole new home. A single couch or accent chair in the lounge or living room will transform the entire space


Change Your Wall Colors

Another quick way to give your place a new look is by changing the color of one or more walls. If you’re renting and can’t paint, then try using large pieces of artwork instead—they’ll make any room feel fresh and inviting! Don’t only stick with traditional colors, either. Try a deep green for an earthy look or navy blue to make your room feel elegant and cozy. It’s easy to stick in the same cycle when it comes to decorating your home—you move into an apartment and then end up putting all the furniture back how you found it, or just painting over everything with white paint because that’s easier than trying something new.


Make a Statement

To make a bold statement, try placing one of your favorite pieces of art in the entryway. It’ll immediately draw guests into your home and give them an idea of what they can expect from the rest of their visit! If artwork isn’t your thing, fill that space with something colorful or unique like some plants. Some crystal accessories and a vase of flowers will also make a statement.


Bring Attention to Living Room

Living rooms are often the most popular room in an apartment, so it’s important to make yours stand out. Pick a color that you love and paint one of your walls with it. If painting isn’t your style, then get some wallpaper! Wallpaper can be changed whenever you need a change without having to redecorate everything. Check “36 small living room ideas” to get some inspiration!


Bring Attention to Bedroom

A bedroom is often overlooked in apartment decor, but you should still make yours stand out. One thing that will help your room stand out is a statement piece like an antique dresser or a headboard. Get colorful pillows for your bed to add some life and rearrange the furniture, so you have more space in there!


Paint the Kitchen

A kitchen is a staple of any home, but often they get overlooked when it comes to apartment decor. Pick out an accent or focal color that will pop off your walls-bonus points for painting the cabinets! Kitchen showpieces (like a hanging rack for cookbooks or pots and pans) will make your kitchen stand out. The other thing you can do to spruce it up is by adding more counter space-either with an island, bar stools, or even just by putting some shelves on the wall!


Select a new color for your rugs

Rugs are an easy way to change up any room in your house. If you have hardwood floors, add a large enough rug to cover about three-fourths of the floor space. Beige or Ivory rugs are great for a more neutral look. If you have dark floors, try adding some bold colors. Besides, rugs are a great way to change up any room in your house.


Choose some new window treatments.

Window treatments are usually overlooked when decorating an apartment because there aren’t any windows to cover up. It doesn’t matter if they see out into another building or not (unless you have a wall of windows). Window treatments make your apartment feel more like home. Choose from double roller blinds, curtains, or shades and select colors that match the other items in the room for a cohesive look.


Making Changes

No one is saying you have to complete an entire renovation to make your space feel fresh. Sometimes simply changing the layout or cleaning things up can go a long way, and it’s usually easier than you think! Start by gathering all of your belongings and then sorting them into piles: keep, donate, sell/give away, and toss. Anything you intend to keep should be put back into its normal home. If the room is a bit of a mess with items strewn about or not enough storage space available for what’s already there, take some time to organize it!


Shelving is the key to your new decor style.

Add some shelving in a small room for storage or decoration, such as over your sofa if you have space on top of it. You can also add shelves next to your bed so that you don’t need nightstands anymore. Shelves are perfect for displaying books, ornaments, and trinkets as well.


In the End

With all of these ideas, your new apartment will look completely different and be a place you’re proud to show off. If there are any other questions about making your home or if you want help with the renovation process, don’t hesitate to contact RugKnots. With the help of RugKnots, you can change your home’s look for less and get a rug that expresses who you are. We have years of experience helping people transform their homes into something they’ll love living in! And we know that buying rugs is just one way to create an entirely new feel for your space. Check out our blogs for more inspiring tips on adding style and comfort back into your life through interior design choices.