By Aimee Braniff Cree


THIS MUM used her lightning reflexes to save her English bull terrier when he threw himself off the roof of their home.

Footage shows the moment 15 month-old pooch Ozzy was unable to slow his fall on the sloped roof of the family porch and ended up plummeting ten feet into his owner’s arms.

Had she not broken his fall he could have ended up with broken paws, a broken skull due the English Bull Terrier breed having a heavy skull.

The footage has since racked up 71 million views world wide on TikTok.

Kerrie sees Ozzy falling and instinct kicked in

Service Manager Kerrie Jones (41) from Berkshire, England got the shock of her life when her daughter Sienna (8) told her mum to look at their roof.

Kerrie was heading out for the day with her daughters Sienna (8) and Sophie (12) when Sienna looked up and saw their dog Ozzy on the roof.

Kerrie initially thought a roof slab was coming off, she said she never expected to turn round and see their 15 month old English Bull Terrier pup Ozzy sliding down the sloped porch roof.

Ozzy had managed to climb out a bedroom window of the family home and get onto the sloped porch roof, where he unfortunately could not get any grip and came hurtling towards Kerrie.

In the split second when she turned around and saw him, her maternal instinct kicked in and she extended her arms in an attempt to catch the pup.

Sienna can then be heard calling for her dad, postman Leon Jones (41) but it is actually her brother, BMW Technician Reece Jones (17) that appears following all the commotion.

With the force Ozzy launched himself at and the fact the dog weighs 25kg Kerrie was knocked flat on her back, but she likely saved her dogs life.

Kerrie stretched out her arms in an attempt to catch Ozzy

Neither Kerrie nor Ozzy were badly injured.

Kerrie says she likes to keep fit and this is possibly a large contributing factor to how she landed so well.

She suffered a bruised breast plate for a few days and had to be careful when lifting or carrying things as the area was very tender. Ozzy walked away unscathed.

“Ozzy is just the most loving dog, he wants to be with us all the time, we go out he wants to go out, we go in the car he wants to come,” said Kerrie.

“He very likely heard us heading out and wanted to come but once he got onto the sloped roof he couldn’t get any grip on and began sliding towards us.

“My daughter Sienna (8) alerted me to what was happening but I never dreamed it was Ozzy, I thought maybe a roof tile was coming down.

“I had a split second to decide what to do. He was coming at quite a pace.

“My instant reaction was just to put my arms out to break his fall, I mean he could have broken his paws or smashed up his face. I had to at least try to catch him.

“I surprisingly landed very well, with 25kg of English Bull Terrier coming at you it was like being hit in the chest with a bag of builders sand but really I wasn’t injured badly, I had a bruised breast bone that bothered me for a few days after.

“Ozzy was safe and that is honestly the biggest relief.

“Everyone who has seen the video that has an English Bull Terrier is commenting that’s just a typical English bull.

“He is such a good dog, he is always doing silly things, maybe not quite as extreme as his jump from the roof.

Kerrie and Ozzy share a smooch

“When we go to the park he loves to go on the slide, he will take himself up and slide down, the swing nets at the park he loves having a go on those.

“He is just a big clown, always curious and full of fun.

“Now on his walks in the park kids are recognising him from the video and they say he’s a celebrity.

“I just wanted to save him, these are the things we do for crazy fur babies.”