By Mahima Kaur




ADORABLE images of a lion family loving each other including cuddles from mum have been captured.

Special sunlit cuddles from mum for the lion cub.

One of the images shows the lion mum loving her child as he tries to cuddle her.

Another image shows two tiny lion cubs enjoying some playtime together.

Lionesses leave the pride and give birth to their lion babies in dense bush.

All species of lion are born with grey-blue eyes.

The lion cubs cuddle their mum as she keeps watch.

They are blind at first but once the membranes peel back on their newborn eyes, these grey to blue wonders are revealed.

These images were captured by a photographer simply known as Chandramouli (42) using a Canon EOS R5 in Mara North Conservancy, Kenya.

“The intimate bond between the lioness and cub(s) is a sight to behold, embodying the essence of maternal love and fierce protection,” said Chandramouli.

Tiny cubs. Mara North Conservancy,

“The lioness exudes strength and grace, her golden coat glowing in the warm sunlight, while her tender gaze reflects devotion and tenderness towards her offspring.


“Witnessing the tender bond between the lioness and her cubs stirred a warm and tender feeling within me.


“The sight of the cubs playfully interacting with their mother, seeking her guidance and protection, evoked a sense of joy and wonder.

“Usually the lioness will be very cautious of anyone in the vicinity (protective of the young cubs). But this sighting was special, as there weren’t many hyenas or predators in this conservancy, and they were pretty relaxed.”