By Shannine O’Neill


STUNNING IMAGES captured the moment a butterfly and a frog became the unlikeliest friends after the butterfly landed on the frog‘s head.

One image shows a 1.5-inch dumpy tree frog smiling at his new butterfly friend that has landed on his head.

The butterfly and frog became best friends.

Another image showed the white and yellow butterfly land gracefully beside the frog on the tree branch, making acquaintances before jumping onto the frog’s head.

Photographer Tanto Yensen (43) from Jakarta, Indonesia captured close-up images of a butterfly landing gracefully on top of a frog and enjoying a peaceful afternoon together.

Tanto captured these images using a Sony ILCE 9 with macro lens in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Being less than three-feet from the frog, Tanto was able to capture the beautiful moment when a butterfly landed on top of the dumpy tree frog.

The frog stares at the butterfly.

For several minutes, Tanto watched as the frog seemed unfazed by his new fluttery friend sitting on top of his back, almost seeming as if the unlikely pair were enjoying each other’s company.

“I was just around three-feet from the frog and butterfly when I captured the images,” he said.

“I recognised the frog as a dumpy tree frog.

“I noticed that the butterfly flew onto the frog and stayed close to the frog throughout me being there.

JThe butterfly lands on the branch in front of the frog.

“My favourite thing I witnessed was when the butterfly stayed on the frog’s back, even when it noticed my presence.”