By Shannine O’Neill


THE MOMENT a great white shark tries to BITE a GoPro only inches from a UK diver’s face has been captured.

One image shows the moment a great white shark comes towards the diver with his teeth bared and ready to investigate.

A great white shark approaching.

Another image shows the GoPro being absorbed by the shark as it bites down on the camera, showing the inside of its gnarly mouth.

Videographer and Great White Shark Cage Diving Crew Mark Graham (31) from Preston, UK captured the moment a great white shark came up to him and nudged the GoPro on his head.

Mark captured this footage in Klein Brak, Mossel Bay South Africa using a GoPro Hero 10 4k 120fps.

When in the water, Mark spotted the great white shark circling their boat.

Mark and his crew out in the ocean.

The shark spotted Mark and was especially inquisitive about the mysterious electrical device Mark had on his head, and decided that he had to investigate.

The shark came inches from Mark’s face as the shark nudged at the GoPro, trying to distinguish what the device was.

Although the footage shows the great white shark open its jaws fully towards the camera, Mark never felt scared or uncomfortable, in fact he was impressed by how gentle the interaction had been.

A great white shark seeing the photographer.

“The shark was super inquisitive, having such a personal and gentle interaction with such a big animal felt extremely captivating,” he said.

“It was an incredibly gentle interaction from the shark.

“It was just trying to figure out what the strange electrical thingy in the water was.

“People seem to love the clip. I think when it gently bumps the camera at the end people get a little freaked out.

“Their electro receptors can pick up the GoPro so they get super curious and come in close to investigate.”