By Mahima Kaur





MEDIA DRUM WORLD presents this newly released rare image collection of England’s pioneering Lionesses from the 1970s.


Images captured by the first female sports photographer in the UK, Hy Money, shows both candid and moment of glory from first The Lionesses’ tours and practices.


One of the images shows England’s women’s team on the plane to Italy for a match.

header. 1970s. Photographed by Hy Money.
UK.  Hy Money /TopFoto / mediadrumimages

Another image captures a young and handsome Elton John in the early 1970s who was there to support women’s football and is wearing the WFA Women’s Football Pony Cup rosette / badge.


The 35mm film Hy used is revealing of the UK’s stingy facilities and empty stands of the time, but also the power, playfulness and drive of the players.

Header. 1970s. Photographed by Hy Money.
UK. Hy Money /TopFoto / mediadrumimages

The Women’s Football Association (WFA) was established in 1969 as an attempt to organise the women’s game.

England played its first international match in November 1972 against Scotland.

The team overturned a two-goal deficit to defeat their northern opponents 3–2, with Sylvia Gore scoring England’s first international goal.

The Lionesses’ first squad included Sue Buckett, Carol McCune (Captain), Morag Kirkland, Alison Leatherbarrow, Wendy Owen, Elaine Badrock, Angela Poppy (Pat Chapman), Raynor Hadden, Linda Coffin, Pat Firth (Debbie Day), Sue Lopez.

1970s. Photographed by Hy Money.
UK. Hy Money /TopFoto / mediadrumimages

The collection has been released just in time when The Lionesses are headed into the World Championship.


Today’s champions acknowledge they stand on the shoulders of giants, especially the England women of the 1970s.


Self-taught Hy Money’s own fierce battle for recognition and opportunity mirrors that of the women’s game.

whatever it takes. Italian player taken off, Italy, June 1976. 2nd of June OR 5th of June international match against England’s lionesses
Italy team were: Wilma Seghetti, Rocca, Maura Furlotti, Gerolama Greco, Coda, Stefania Bandini, Elena Schiavo, Sacchi (Fery Ferraguzzi), Betty Vignotto, Gualdi, Maurizia Ciceri (Antonietta Cherillo).
UK. Hy Money /TopFoto / mediadrumimages

Hy has been called “The Emmeline Pankhurst of female sports photography” by Jeff Powell, Chief Sports Writer, Daily Mail.


“For this early period, most of the shots were taken between 1972-1976, at the very start of her long career photographing sport from the lines,” said Flora Smith, TopFoto’s Managing Partner and CEO.

England Captain Carol McCune being presented with the Martini & Rossi Trophy by Sir Fred Pontin. England’s Lionesses beat Itay in a friendly 1-0 on 15 November 1977 at Plough Lane, Wimbledon. Photographed by Hy Money.
UK.  Hy Money /TopFoto / mediadrumimages

The current England England have adopted Valerie, the song by the Zutons that the late Amy Winehouse made a hit, as their World Cup anthem.


The Lionesses have been given a luxurious base camp in the New South Wales beach resort of Terrigal, which includes virtual reality headsets, games, arts and crafts equipment and even a library.