By Aimee Braniff Cree


INCREDIBLE IMAGES show the moment two sea lions are caught squabbling as one tries to invade the other’s photo shoot.

Images show the sea lion happily having its picture taken before another sea lion tries to get in on the action and the first sea lion appears to turn round and shout at it to leave.

These images were captured by photographer David Keep (63) from Derbyshire, England.

The sea lion pup gets the perfect portrait

David captured the images in Los Islotes in the Gulf of Mexico on his Canon 5DsR and was privileged to be within touching distance of the sea lions for this shoot.

“The sea lions are so interactive, not at all scared of me. It almost seemed like they were showing off,” said David.

“I love the shot of the sea lion pup on his own, he just looks so cute.

“He reminds me of a puppy, you just want to cuddle him.

“The ride out to the remote island takes about 90 minutes in a small fast boat. It’s very rough and bumpy so it’s not pleasant, honestly.

“But when you get there everything seems so peaceful,  it’s such a contrast to the ride out. The diving is super easy, I was only around 16 feet deep and very little current, so it’s very relaxing.

“It was probably the most enjoyable diving sessions I’ve ever had.

“I was elated with these shots but also very humble to have interacted with truly wild animals who have no reason to trust me.

“They are just super curious and trusting.

“When people see the images I get a lot of ‘aahhs’, people find them very cute too.”