By Mahima Kaur



CHUCKLESOME images show a puffin enjoying a big last supper before he flies off to the sea for nine long months.

The puffin flies in with its last big supper.

One of the images shows the puffin with a mouth stuffed with sand eels.

Another image shows the puffin bringing in his meal before he flies off to the seas from the UK in August.

Skomer Island is just a mile off the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast and is renowned for Puffins who come to nest between April and July.

This year there were around 42,000 puffins at Skomer Island.

These comical images were captured by Marc Freebrey (48) in Worcestershire, UK using a Nikon Z9.

Marc was immensely satisfied to have captured these images just before they leave for their sea journey.

Thought and walk for the puffin.

“The aim was to try and get a puffin in flight bringing home its catch of sand eels so I was delighted to get the shot I travelled so far for,” said Marc.


“The Atlantic Puffin spends the autumn and winter in the open ocean of the cold northern seas, only returning to coastal areas at the start of the breeding season in late spring.

“You only get a short time on the island so it always feels such a privilege to be in their company.

The last supper of sand eels.

“I take great joy in sharing the photos and making people aware of the wonderful nature we have all around us.”