By Shannine O’Neill


THIS MAN was told by his ex-wife that she would divorce him if he got his eyes tattooed black but he did it anyway.

Maciej Wroblewski (39) from Lodz, Poland who works in IT during the day and sings in a  heavy metal band ‘Internal Quiet’ has over 12 body modifications and multiple tattoos, including tattooed eyeballs.

Maciej started his modification journey at the age of 12, when he got his ear pierced for the first time which started his love and obsession with modifications.

Over the years, Maciej has gotten 40mm stretched ears, tongue splitting, conches and helices dermally punched, stretched labret, septum and nostrils, pierced nipples, subdermal implant on his hand, Prince Albert piercing and genital beads, some tattoos and eyeballs tattooed.

Maciej started his obsession because he felt it was exciting thinking about making a hole in his body to get rings, and explains it as a kind of fetish for himself.

Maciej’s favourite modification has been his inked eyeballs because he was interested in getting this procedure done for over ten-years, but his now ex-wife told him she would leave him if he got the procedure.

After his marriage hit the rocks, Maciej was excited to get his eyeballs tattooed after finally divorcing his wife and waiting more than ten-years for the procedure, he contacted the only artist in Poland that could do the procedure safely, in January, 2023.

The procedure cost around £380 and Maciej needed to get eye tests before proceeding, including an examination of corneal thickness and pressure in the eyes to minimise the risk and check if his eyes could be inked.

After making sure his eyes were suitable, the first step was to drop the anaesthetics into the eyes and when it was numbed, she injected the ink into his eyeball.

“Generally I love all my mods, but at this moment my favourite ones are my eyeball tattoos. Probably because it’s my newest addition,” he said.

“To be honest when I saw inked eyes for the first time in pictures, I fell in love with how amazing it looks and I knew that someday I will get my eyes done too.

“It was my big dream for almost ten years, but my then-wife was totally against it.

“She used to threaten that if I get my eyes done, she will leave me.

“So when our marriage ended, it was the first thing that I did.”

After three injections per eye, the ink had spread over the eyeball within a couple of minutes, with the whole procedure taking less than 30-minutes and being completely painless.

“There is only one artist in Poland who can do this procedure safely, so I wrote to her in January this year,” he said.

Maciej after he had his eyes tattooed.

“She told me about the cost, £190 per eye – explained me the whole procedure and everything, told about all the risks and aftercare, and ordered me to do the eye tests, examination of corneal thickness and pressure in the eyes to minimise the risk and check if my eyes can be inked.

“Because everything was ok, I made an appointment. To be honest I was very nervous and scared when this day came at the end of January.

“At first Adrianna dropped the anaesthetics into my eye and when it was numbed, she injected the ink by syringe with the thinnest possible needle into my eyeball.

“There were three injections per eye and within a couple minutes the ink had spread all across the eyeball. The whole procedure in total took less than half an hour and it was totally painless.”

Maciej’s obsession with body modifications began in 1996, with an ear piercing that turned into Maciej piercing himself.

“I was about 12 when I got my ear pierced, so it was 1996,” he said.

“After this first piercing I started piercing myself. It became a passion.

“I started doing them just because I love how they look.

Maciej and his band ‘Internal Quiet’.

“It was exciting to think about making a hole in your body to get a rings.

“You may say it’s kind of fetish for me.”

Maciej has noticed that people have pre-judged him for the way that he looks, but especially from his parents who do not understand his passion for modifications.

“It depends on people, my friends are neutral, or – if they are into body modifications too – are excited as me,” she said.

“Being on the street I’ve heard no negative comments. People eventually are just staring at me or coming to me to tell me that they like my look.

“My parents are against any piercings and tattoos, so they are thinking that I’m crazy or I must hate myself if I’m doing things like this.

Maciej has 40-mm stretched ears.

“When my mom saw me with my eyes inked for the first time she almost had a heart attack and my father wanted to close me in the mental health hospital.”

Although people have judged him because of his looks, he remains positive that once people have spoken to him, there is no more judgement, and he can’t wait to get more modifications.

“People probably do judge, but I’m trying to be nice, kind and gentle, so very quickly they are treating me as a normal person,” he said.

“I have 40 mm stretched ears, tongue splitting, conches and helices dermally punched, stretched labret, septum and nostrils, pierced nipples, subdermal implant on my hand, Prince Albert piercing and genital beads.

“I also have some tattoos and got my eyeballs tattooed.

“My next dream-mod is to get subdermal horns. Probably I would do them for my 40th birthday, next year.

“And I want to get more tattoos and much more.”