By Freya Coombes

THESE ADORABLE images show the bond between a mother and child as a baby macaque cuddles into its mother after a busy day of exploring.

One image shows the baby macaque hugging its mother close in a loving embrace.

Motherly love.

The Toque Macaque grows to be 21 inches long with the addition of a 24 inch tail and weighs around two pounds.


These images were captured by photographer Dimuthu Ekanayaka (38) at Kumana Nation Park in Sri Lanka, using a Nikon D6 camera.

“Here there is a very small monkey with his parents and he learns all the things by going behind the footsteps of his mother,” said Dimuthu.

“Sometimes when he feels fearful of the camera, he hugs his mother very strongly and after felt more comfortable.

Learning to leap.

“He started to play and learn things with his mother’s guidelines.

“I love the bond of the child and mother.”