By Mahima Kaur






THIS SINGLE MUM-of-one reveals how she has spent £15K on piercings and tattoos just for strangers to call her a DEMON in the street.


Student Princess Curiosity (23) from Switzerland got her first piercing at the age of 15 and since then she has spent £4K on piercings, £7K on tattoos and £3.6K on other body mods.


She has now lost count of the number of body mods that she has.

Princess always found support in her mother.

Even though tattoos and body modifications paved the way for Princess’s individuality, she doesn’t want it to become a hindrance in raising her infant daughter.


But fears of how she would be perceived as a mother are not just the only things that annoy Princess. Sometimes, it is the lack of understanding from the society in general, with extreme haters calling her “demon”.


“I have had people pray when they see me in the streets,” she said.


“I have had groups of people calling me demon or sheitan.


“Some people just give me bad looks.

Princess has now lost count of the number of body mods that she has.

“People in Switzerland are ready to look at you like you’re a bad influence or an alien when in fact they know nothing about you.


“But I also get a lot of people who support me, especially other people with tattoos and body mods.


“Most of them tell me how ‘they could never do that’ or how brave I am to be myself and not conform to norms.


“I love when people tell me that my style suits me. The best compliment that I have received is that ‘I was made for this style’.”


Princess was just a baby when her mum separated from her father after seven-years.


Growing up, Princess saw little other than a life outside of her mum.


So the moment autistic Princess was placed in foster care, she started to find and discover her own individuality which involved getting tattoos and piercings.


After a tiny tattoo of a semicolon on her wrist at the age of 16, there was no looking back for Princess.

Princess at the age of 15.

“I am exactly like any other mom who is without tattoos and piercings,” she said.


“Being a single mom is hard. It’s by far the hardest thing someone can do.


“But there are millions of us out there, and having bodmods doesn’t change a thing for me.


“I love my kid as hard as someone ‘regular’, and I would give her the world if I could.


“I always try to educate her to have an open mind and be kind to others.


“I just hope that when she’ll go to school, other parents will let their kids come play with my girl at home and not make a big deal out of my appearance.


“It just wouldn’t be fair to her that their lack of open-mindedness affects her social life at such a young age.”


Princess’s childhood was different with the experiences she had – being bullied, being neurodivergent and having a violent father but she always found support in her mother.


“My mom took me and went away from my dad when I was a baby to protect us,” she said.


“From then on, it has been her and I most of the time.

Princess found her true self after getting tattoos and piercings.

“My mom wouldn’t let me get a tattoo before I turned 18, but then I was placed in foster care and she couldn’t stop me.


“I was kind of an emo kid and I wanted piercings to be like the role models I had.


“It soon became my thing and I got piercings every month. Since then I was always ‘the girl with pink hair and piercings’.”


Princess has found her peace in her body choices but feels like she still has a long way to go.


“I had very little confidence before I got my body mods and tattoos done,” she said.


“I was the smart fat girl who’s bad at socialising.


“But everything started changing when my friend did a little semicolon tattoo on my wrist when I was 16.


“I have gained so much confidence over time.


“I am still extremely far away from how I want to be, but I feel better.”