By Aimee Braniff Cree




MEET the man who has spent £20K transforming his body including having five-inch horns implanted into his head only for people to accuse him of being a satanist while others hail him as their ‘idol’.


Mattia Muratori (27), a night supervisor operative from London, UK has so many tattoos he has lost count along with an array of body modifications including eye tattoos, a split tongue, ear pointing, eye scarification, a subdermal spider implant in his chest, subdermal spine implants in his thumbs and transdermal implants in his head.


Mattia was born and raised in Italy but has lived in London for the last eight years, he began getting tattooed when he lived in Italy and got his first tattoo in 2012 at just 18.


He moved to London in 2014, but it was not until 2019 that he began getting extremely modified, he started with his eye tattoos but only did one initially due to the fear it would go wrong.


Mattia has always been interested in body modification and as a young child in Italy he wondered how someone could achieve a more demonic look.

Mattia documents his transformation throughout the last 10 years. LONDON, UK.

One day he saw an episode of the Guinness World Records show and on screen appeared Maria José Cristerna, recognised for being the most tattooed woman in the world. That is where Mattia’s fascination began.


He knew then what he had to do to become his most authentic self and that was to get body modifications.


Since that fateful day Mattia fell in love with the art he has been on a mission to use modifications to give himself the most unique look possible, no matter what others may think.


“I have always been interested and curious about demonology and demonic looks, I am not a believer of angelic or devilish creatures themselves, but since I was a kid, I always asked myself ‘is there a way for a person to achieve such a look,” said Mattia.


“Of course that question of mine remained unanswered for many years.


“Until one day when an episode of Guinness World Records started, I was honored to visualize Maria José Cristerna on screen.


“‘There, there it is’ I said to myself, ‘body modifications’, thanks to her charming personality and outstanding look, I was just listening to Maria when she was explaining her modifications and how she got them done, that was my introduction to this world.

Mattia has both his eyes tattooed and his first modification was having one done. LONDON, UK.

“Later on, I went deeper into this topic and found out way more that I needed to know.


“The only thing was for me to wait to reach the age of 18 and to be independent, and then get it started. 


“Curiosity at the time, and willing to aesthetically change later were the primary factors of this path of mine.”


Before his transformation Mattia was not comfortable in his skin, he felt just like the average person but had the constant desire to stand out.


“Before the transformation I was feeling like any other average looking human being on this planet,” said Mattia.

Mattia before his transformation. LONDON, UK.

“I started getting modified just with tattoos around 2012, I was still living in Italy at that time, and just turned 18.


“One year later I moved to London and I started getting extremely modified in 2019.


“My first body modification was my eyes in 2019, but because I was very skeptical about my personal luck, I didn’t choose to do both eyes for fear that something bad would have occurred.


“Even though I did all the research about the artist and they are 100% trustworthy in all aspects, I still didn’t want to inject both at the same time. You know, prevention is better than cure.


“My will to change my appearance to feel unique towards myself was what brought me joy.


“I did a great deal of research about the extreme body modification world, and it helped me to fulfill my wish to be unique.”


Mattia believes he has spent around £20,000 transforming himself and he wants to get his whole body covered in tattoos so is not keeping a tally of how many he has had.


“If we have to put everything together with tattoos and body mods, we at about £20,000,” said Mattia.


“I can’t really count my tattoos, I’m planning to get my body fully covered so the number of tattoos is not something I’m looking at.

Mattia has his full back covered in tattoos. LONDON, UK.

“In terms of modifications I have my eyes tattooed, a split tongue, ears pointed, eye scarification, a subdermal spider implant in my chest, subdermal spine implants in my thumbs and transdermal implants in my head.


“The most painful tattoo was the traditional wolf being stabbed by a dagger behind my head. 


“The most painful extreme body modification was the split tongue, not really because of the procedure, mostly because of its healing process.


“My most recent modification is my second pair of transdermal implants on my forehead. I’m currently waiting for the manufacturer to create and send me new options.”


Mattia has received some harsh judgements on his unique look. but he loves it.


“On a general level, if we are talking about the silent feedback, people talking through their body language and facial expressions, the majority of them are very nice, sometimes surprised too but always on a positive level,” he said.


“Of course there are also people who are not accepting of it or they just look and shake their heads in total refusal.


“To be honest I don’t look at people in general so who knows, it might even be that my modifications get the total reverse feedback, the majority don’t approve leaving a very small part being nice about it.


“In the end I think it is fifty-fifty,  but I am aware that there are some people who don’t like it or find it outrageous because of religious reasons, they think I am some sort of satanist.


“People come out saying that I have mental issues, that seems to be the most common judgment. 


“The thing is that we don’t do it for other people, and I’m referring to those who really care about themselves and they are serious about the matter, because unfortunately there are some attention seekers in this world.


“We like to look in the mirror, smile and be proud of ourselves for our courage, change and achievements, without the need of any other person’s opinion.”

Mattia says the healing of his split tongue was the most painful procedure he had. LONDON, UK.

Mattia also receives compliments on his look and he prefers to focus on those.


“People may still call me a demon, but they mean it in a nice way they say ‘you’re a very gentle demon, I really like your personality,” said Mattia.


“Or a popular one is you look like an evil version of Baldur from the last game of God Of War and it’s so badass’ gaming is a hobby of mine, so I quite like that one.


“Some even go as far as to say ‘you’re an idol to me’.


“My family were unsure at the beginning. They were mostly concerned of any bad reaction that could have taken place, but they knew from I was young that I like the world of modifications, they just they didn’t really know that a person could reach this level of modification.


“My friends felt the same as my parents in a way initially, but they saw and understood that whatever tattoos,piercings,mods cannot change a person’s attitude or way of being, they saw I was almost the same as before, but with more self-confidence.


“I feel like I am finally on my way to accomplishing my aesthetic vision.”


Matthias is very passionate about the art of body modification and has a few words of advice for anyone considering it for themselves.



“Be sure to research for a very professional artist who properly studied and has a portfolio about his/her career. The last thing you’d like to do is to trust someone who randomly says ‘I can do this for you’ and you blindly accept on the spot,” he said.


“If you’re working, take in consideration your job environment, if you’ll be allowed to do whatever you want to do to yourself as long as the job gets done.


“But if it’s an environment dealing with catering or hospitality, it’s better do things that are not visible to other people’s eye, like a split tongue, an implant, a scarification, whenever they’re covered it will be okay.


“If not, I suggest you find another job when you don’t have to deal with clients.


“The world is still a bit stuck to the old traditional minds so it is better to take it easy.


“Do not get tattooed, or modified just because you want to act cool with people, or because you have an ego tank to refill.


“Especially with body modifications, the risks are huge, and there is no space for people that act like little babies, be serious about it, and treat each other nicely.


“The body modification community is not a competition for who gets more mods.”