Abruzzo is a region in central Italy that offers the perfect opportunity to experience authentic nature. Known for its varied geography, it offers something for everyone’s taste, from plentiful seacoasts to alpine peaks and inland hills full of medieval towns. 


This article explores the main attractions and famous sceneries that make Abruzzo Italy, a must-visit tourist location.

Diverse Scenery of Abruzzo

The landscape of Abruzzo will stop visitors in their tracks as they admire the unmissable terrain and land cover. Italy’s most significant geographical features are all tucked into this part of the country. These include snow-dusted peaks, wine-rolling hills, and a length of rollicking coastline.


The scenes are spread out across the four provinces of the region. The Aquila province is landlocked and mountainous, while Teramo boasts hills and mountains. Chieti is filled with hills and valleys and joins the Pescara province, which has a diverse 80-mile coastline.


The entire region is surprisingly rugged and mountainous. Fantastic viewpoints are almost on every corner. The landscape also means the area is among the least densely populated in Italy, giving visitors a sense of calm away from busy towns.


One-third of the entire region of Abruzzo is also dedicated to nature reserves and national parks, making it the greenest region in Italy. These protected areas were created to allow the survival of rare species like the Apennine Wolf, Marsican brown bear, and the golden eagle. 


The Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park in the Gran Sasso mountain is the second largest in Italy. It offers incredible alpine panoramas and rich vegetation.

The Distinctive Abruzzo Lifestyle

Abruzzo’s economy mainly depends on animal farming and agriculture. However, not all areas are suitable because of the landscape. High up in the mountains, shepherds care for the sheep in the pastures within the natural park as they have for centuries.


Down the coastline, fishermen harvest a diverse range of frutti di mare (fruits of the sea). These are directly sold to locals waiting at the docks, local restaurants, and retailers looking to ship them to other areas.


The land also plays a significant role in the lives of the Abruzzese people, shaping who they are. Visitors along the coast can indulge in a delicious seafood diet, while those up in the mountains, enjoy a meatier diet of beef, pork, mutton, wild boar, and goat, reigns supreme. Expect most of these delicacies to be accompanied by Abruzzo’s finest wines.


If you visit during the summer, prepare your lounge chairs and umbrellas for the sunny beaches. In the winter, you can join the Abruzzese people in skiing and have more fun in the snow-capped mountains. 


Abruzzo is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful sceneries in a relaxed environment away from the city crowds. Whether you want to see the diverse scenery, enjoy delicacies, drink a coffee, or take a walk on the sandy beach, there’s something for every visitor. So, during your Italy vacation, remember to plan your visit to Abruzzo. You’ll definitely fall in love with what it has to offer!