Many occasions call for a gift but finding the right present for someone can sometimes leave you feeling flustered. If they haven’t explicitly told you what they want, or already appear to have everything they need, it can leave you wondering what would make a suitable gift that won’t end up cluttering their home, simply gathering dust. If you are finding yourself in this predicament, and the person you are gift shopping for happens to be a food lover, here are some ideas that you might find useful.

  • Recipe Books

Although it is easy to find recipes with a quick google search these days, there is something special about having a stylish book full of gorgeous photographs and incredible recipes to try. These books could also offer some anecdotes that are personal to the author regarding each dish, or more information on the history of that particular cuisine that the reader might find interesting. Furthermore, having a book in the kitchen can be far less risky than trying to read cooking steps from a smartphone or tablet, especially with all the steam and mess cooking up a storm can create! If the person you buy for loves to cook as well as eat great food, this could be an ideal gift.

  • Food Hamper

If in doubt, a delectable food hamper could be the perfect gift. It will be full of tasty treats that the person you’re buying for might not usually get for themselves, allowing them to indulge a little on their birthday, anniversary, or whatever occasion they are celebrating. It’s also a good way to introduce them to some new brands that they might never have heard of, and there is always a variety of gift hampers to choose from to suit every taste and every budget. 

  • Food-based Experience Day

Experience days are perfect gifts for people who already have everything they want or need, and they can be better gifts because it is the chance to make amazing memories and try new things. If you have a food lover to shop for, consider getting them a foodie experience day, such as a vineyard tour and wine tasting, dining experience, cooking class, or a cocktail masterclass as a few examples.

  • Cookware or Dinnerware 

Another option could be treating them to some new cookware or dinnerware, especially if they are always experimenting in the kitchen. This could something like a Le Creuset casserole dish; a brand that is synonymous with quality and looks great in every kitchen. It might even be a gorgeous new set of dinner plates, coffee mugs, or even some beautiful glassware. 

  • Tickets to a Food Festival

Food festivals can be a lot of fun to attend, and whether you intend to go with them or get them a ticket for another friend or relative, they are sure to appreciate it. They can spend the day sampling all kinds of delicious foods, and wash it all down with some fine wines, beers, or a refreshing soft drink if they would prefer. There are all kinds of stalls to enjoy, and usually the opportunity to buy some excellent products that they can take home with them as well.

  •  A Box of Surprises

Traveling is a luxury not everyone can afford. But even then, many people look forward to experiencing a new culture, place, and cuisine. Although you can’t take your friend or relative traveling, you can surely provide them with a taste of a new culture. If your loved one loves Asian culture, give them a box full of snacks from Japan. This is an excellent gift for someone passionate about different foods from around the world.

If you are gift shopping for a food lover, see if one of these ideas could make the perfect present for them.