People mostly view funerals as a sad event. There are also some people who view it in a different way. It can be about hoping good things for the deceased one or wanting them to be remembered as a good person. But, other than that, there are some interesting trends about funerals.

Society has grown so much. So many unconventional things these days that make you question,‘Who made this thing? What is the purpose?’ While we’re on the topic about funerals, this article is going to tell you about unique caskets in the world like pink caskets for sale!     

  • What is a casket?
    1. Different shapes, different meaning
  • Type of caskets
  1. What is a casket?

Casket is basically defined as a burial container in which the function is to hold or place the remains of the deceased. Many people might be more familiar with caskets as a place to keep things, but these days this term is more used for referring to a burial container.

Coffin might be a more common term that is used by people. Both have the same function. The difference is the casket has more various types of shapes and colors. 

  1. Different shapes, different meaning

Caskets have many different types of shapes. Whether it’s the shape as a whole, colors, or the number of edges. It’s not a taboo thing anymore to have caskets other than ‘original’ wood or brown. You have rights for it.

Some people even can customize a casket. They can request the shape or the material that the person who ordered it wants. The reason why people do this is because they have their own faiths about the funeral they hold. For themselves or people they cared about. Each shape and color have their own meaning. For example, a casket with pink-colored that usually associated with a lovable color. No wonder some stores put ‘pink caskets for sale’ on their websites.

  1. Type of caskets

Just like how it stated before, there are many types of caskets. Whether it is based on the material, shape, or color. As the time goes by, unique or unconventional types are getting more and more. Here are the examples of those unique caskets :

  • Patterned casket

Maybe it’s not really that unique, but it’s different from the usual one, right? Most have caskets with one color, while this type of casket has a pattern design.

  • Boat casket

Some people believe that funerals mean you let the deceased go peacefully. A boat can be a good epitome of it. That’s why there are caskets that are designed like ships or boats.

  • Eco-friendly casket

Eco-friendly caskets are a thing these days. What differentiates them from others is that they use biodegradable materials. Which consists of material that came from the earth.

  • Vibrant colored casket

Not as unique as the other casket with various shapes, but sure different with the basic ones. Color has its own meaning and it can be used for funerals. Somehow it’s odd but also make sense.