If you are experiencing confusion and feeling lost, then you may appreciate the overwhelm and gloom it brings along. This process of feeling lost is very similar to grieving for a loved one but it is not a bad thing. In fact, you can congratulate yourself on coming to this milestone because real growth only happens once you realize that you are feeling confused and lost. Before we dive in and explore how you can regain control and remove all the confusion, you need to understand first “why” you are feeling lost.

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Why Are You Experiencing Loss of Direction?

There are various contributing factors to the feelings of confusion and loss of direction. Often, this phase is so overwhelming that you feel like drowning or as if there is extreme pressure over you. One of the biggest reasons for this detachment from your sense of purpose and direction is that you may have started taking others’ opinions about you more seriously than needed. Just imagine that you are taking an aimless stroll around an unfamiliar forest and in this situation, the longer you stay in this uncomfortable or unfamiliar surroundings, the more you will feel lost. Basically, by trying to find yourself or the direction in life, you are attempting to reconnect with yourself and regain confidence and self-esteem.

Why Finding Yourself Is Important?

Some people may wonder why it is so important to invest time in finding the direction and purpose in life. This quest is important because while trying to figure out the direction in your life, you will eventually end up finding what makes you happy. Once you find yourself, numerous possibilities open up in your life and it is an amazing feeling of liberation. You feel light and energetic to accomplish anything you aim for. However, real happiness can only be found once you have completed the journey of reconnecting with yourself. So let’s explore different ways through which you can embark upon this intuitive journey of getting rid of all confusion in your life.

Part Ways With Overthinking

One of the worst culprits that push you towards confusion and loss of direction is the habit of overthinking everything. It sounds insane and feels frustrating but know that you are not alone in this because many people go through this state. Because of excessive overthinking, people often struggle with ‘decision paralysis’ and it is when most damage happens. You get stuck in a loop of indecisiveness and the state of confusion keeps growing from there.


So, are we to never plan or consider the consequences of our actions? Well, that is not overthinking because it is okay to consider your options and plan out but if you are trying to micromanage the bigger picture of your life, it’s going to cost you. Many of us feel hesitant or even scared of a change in our lives but we have to remember that discomfort is always a necessary step of the growth process and you will face it every time you are trying something new. It is a fact that we cannot foresee the future exactly but we can definitely put faith in our decisions and feel positive about the future. As soon as you accept this simple fact that change and discomfort go hand in hand, you will be able to bid goodbye to the “overthinking” tendency.

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Act Now Instead of Later

Acting in any direction and as soon as possible is better than standing still. You may find it surprising because you may be still struggling with confusion and feelings of loss but when you take an action, it sends a ripple of positivity far across and helps you form conducive connections. You will also be able to reach a state of flow and appreciate your present moments more often. For you to reach this state, you can meditate, or indulge in yoga or other similar activities. These activities are simple yet they greatly affect your physical and emotional being – in a good way. You may be unaware of it but these actions will pay off in the long run for the overall process of regaining your confidence.

Look for Cues Towards The Right Direction

During this self-exploratory journey, you will notice that at some point or while doing some activities you feel happier. So, pay attention to your feelings through the process and observe when you feel rejuvenated. One of the most helpful things is starting to journal about it and you can start simply by writing only three pages a day. When you write your thoughts, you will discover many new things about yourself. Journaling also serves as an amazing tool to help rebuild the purposeful life that you always dream of. So grab a journal and a fine custom pen and start writing your thoughts into it.

Find Your Tribe and Move On

To excel in your life, you have to surround yourself with people who support your decisions and goals. If you are hanging out with the crowd that discourages you every step of the way then you have to consider making some drastic changes in your social circle. To make something happen, you need to have a positive vibe and support from your family or friends. However, if you have people around you who are just the opposite of what you need, then beware of what you are going to share with them in the future. Letting someone else affect you by projecting their insecurity or negative opinion is the worst that you will be doing to yourself, so find people who think like you do and are supportive of your life goals.

Trust Your Gut!

This may sound less scientific and more like a hunch but your gut feeling is quite often the right one. The more in tune you are with your gut response and instincts, the easier life will be for you. When you trust your gut feeling or instincts, you start connecting with your inner self and feel more confident about your decisions. Another advantage of listening to your inner voice is that you get to find a guiding light right within you and you nourish the resilience and growth potential gradually.



Now that you know the path to self-discovery and growth, you can begin your journey without further delay. It does not matter where you are standing at the moment, all you have to do is start the journey. It is all about you and it depends entirely on you, so there is no shame or resentment involved. The most important thing is to keep movin