You are probably bored with your current living room and want to spice things up to wear a new face. One constant thing about your living room is that those walls within your house are filled with so much potential that you could quickly turn it into something more refreshing and appealing to the eyes. As you are ready to explore and take on more than you usually do, you can turn those bare walls into stylish centerpieces.


No matter your style, we have got it all figured out for you. If you will just continue reading, you will learn one or two things.


Whether you are a lover of nature, graphics, art collector, DIY paintings, you can use any of these to change the face of your wall. Below are different wall decor that you can use to refresh your living room.

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Opt For A Big Art Piece


There is a way a massive art piece brings attention and life to your living room. It is a way of showcasing your style and setting the tone at a small pace. An oversized canvas can make a statement for any space. You can go for white and black colors if you are a minimalist. Though it is pretty known that big art pieces can come at a considerable price, you can DIY and paint just as amazingly to spice up the wall of your living room.


You can also choose to visit the thrift stores and estate sales for pieces that may interest you. If you are also big on looking at your image, you can transform your custom photo into art and make it larger than life.


Frame Your Favourite Quote


Hanging quotes from different sources is an exciting way to add style to your living room by framing your favorite quote. The company Christian Walls can turn that quote or affirmation you say every day to yourself into a display on your wall. Imagine getting up to see “It is a beautiful day ” every day when you walk into your living room. It will help add style to it while it also radiates a positive vibe.



The quote you frame can be from a book, movie, bible, and among others, can also get on your living room wall if you want it there as wall art.

Image Source: Unsplash

Install Interesting Wallpaper


One of the most innovative ways you can use to style your living room lately is wallpaper. You can inject personality into your living room by simply installing wallpaper. Whether you want a calm vibe or you prefer a loud one, you have so many options of design to choose from.


You can change the look of your bare wall by choosing a darker or subtle design to create a more intimate vibe if your living room is on the big side.


Be Creative With Your Shelvings


The books and magazines you have lying around could do better on the shelves than just sitting on the floor. Bring your collection to the wall; you can install floating shelves or just two-three step shelves and hang them on your wall if you don’t want something too obvious.



In this case, though, considering the size of your living room, a big shelf may be too overwhelming if your living room is small.


Display A Fabric You Love


So you have a particular fabric you love, you can bring it to display in your living room. Consider hanging your vintage scarves or any interesting textiles you have to hang around doing nothing. It is a way to add pop and style to your living room, as well as a sense of softness on a flat surface.


Fortunately, if you like moving a lot, it will save you the stress of packing something heavy.


Hang An Oversized Calendar


No, calendars are not outdated, especially if you can be creative with them. A large calendar will work well for the living room to liven things up. You can try a bold and bright color for the calendar, and this is to keep a trendy look and mix a pop of color. If your living room wall is white, you can hang a mint green calendar on the wall.


Keep track of your events while you also make your wall look more attractive.


Mount Your Television


One of the easiest ways to create a significant impact and fill up space is to mount up your television. This is especially true if your television is a considerable size. You can draw more attention to it by placing some simple artwork by the side.


Hang Antique Plates


Antique plates are a beauty to behold, they are attractive to the eyes, and they can give your guests something to admire. So why hide your China plates away when you can easily display them? You can use a wire plate hanger to show off your favorite dishes and serving platters. If you wouldn’t like the plates to be a centerpiece in your living room or be too obvious, you can choose to display them in the corner of your living room.


Try To Go Greener.


Are you a nature lover? Do you want to have some sense of greenery in your living space? Plants don’t necessarily have to sit at the bottom of a window. A tall potted plant can do some magic by adding impact to your living room and if you are not big on water, place your favorite type of greenery next to a big piece of art to add volume and create a more exciting look.


Also, if you are not a fan of water, you can try a quality faux plant for your walls. It will still create the same impression.


There you have it, and these are different creative ways that you can use to switch up the look of your living room, incorporate one or two of these wall decor ideas and watch the wall of your living room transform into something refreshing with style.