A considerable number of us like bringing back souvenirs after traveling locally or internationally. Travel keepsakes can be fantastic decorative pieces in our homes. It is best to find suitable spaces for the items instead of clumping them up in one location. This may cause a room to look cluttered. Placing the souvenirs in strategic places will stir up conversations when guests visit your home and bring an aesthetic appeal to your home, making them statement pieces. 

While decorating your home with souvenirs, it is best to remember less is more. Let us brush over some of the elements you can incorporate into different home parts to make your home more appealing.

  • Decorate a coffee table

A coffee table is a great place to incorporate your souvenirs. Many great items are placed on the coffee table to make a bold statement. The pieces include some cups and plates from a specific place. The pieces become the centerpieces of your tabletop, and the best thing is that you can move them to another place depending on where you deem them suitable.

  • Display the items on open shelves

Shelves are a chic decorative element to incorporate into your space. The collection of souvenirs can tell stories of the places you have visited. For the shelves, you can put them along with your transitional kitchen designs. The beautiful pieces will make statements placing them on the shelves.

  • Make the souvenirs your theme

While decorating your home, you may run out of ideas on what to display in a particular space. Incorporating different items such as the vintage rug, the rustic table will enhance the look of your home. The souvenirs can serve as an inspiration style; hence, you can get other items to match your souvenir items.

  • Frame vintage maps

Maps are versatile and are the lightest items to carry around while traveling from various destinations map can be packed easily, so you can create a frame and hang the map on different parts of your home. Frame vintage maps are hung in the living area or the bedroom area, which is an excellent addition to the plain walls.

  • Stick the items on a magnet wall

Magnet walls are a creative addition to your space. Sticking out different pieces on the magnetic wall will make them stand out. It is a great way of decorating your kitchen if you do not like to stick magnets on your refrigerator. Additionally, it serves as a reminder for the person who traveled, and it gives a space some life.

  • Consider adding baskets and tribal masks on the walls

Different patterns of baskets can add a chic look to your walls. You can consider hanging baskets vertically, which will bring a beautiful display. The handwoven baskets are a great idea to get the dull walls to life. In addition, you can add tribal masks which you collected from different regions during your travel. The facades bring in a fresh vibe to your walls. You can decide to place them on a tier position on the wall or cover the entire wall of your living room area.

  • Display a few of the pieces elegantly

In this context, less is more. You do not need to have many pieces to display on the floating shelves. Placing the paintings and artifacts from different parts of the world are great décor items. The items are the subtle centerpieces.

  • Incorporate your favorite destination using pillowcases

Pillowcases and other soft furnishings souvenirs are great to incorporate. The prints and designs from various fabrics sourced from the place you have traveled before create a fresh vibe to your old furniture. Here, you can decide to incorporate some patriotic flags as pillowcases as they can act as great conversation starters when your guests visit.

  • Add souvenirs to your entryway

The entryway is the passage that lets you and other guests into the house. Incorporating the tribal baskets with plants is a great addition to the space that most people leave empty. The entryway is the entrance that everyone gets to see as they get into your home. The baskets get to be seen by each person, making them a significant decorative element in your space.

Those as mentioned above are some of the ways of incorporating souvenir items into your space. Placing the items around without proper arranging style makes them seem cluttered. You can include some of the ideas and many others to make your home more stylish and bring in an aesthetic feel to your space.