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By Liana Jacob

MEET the man who halved his body weight in just two-years after being too heavy for scales left him feeling like a loser but now he possesses a bodybuilder physique.

At a whopping 28st 8lbs, Kyle Brown-Latham (33), from Austin, Texas, USA, never let anybody take pictures of him as he constantly felt self-conscious. Everyday tasks proved to be extremely difficult for him and he struggled to get up off the sofa. He would have to ‘rock his body’ a couple of times, grab something else nearby or have the assistance of his husband to stand up.

Kyle before. Kyle Brown-Latham /

When he was 30, Kyle had a serious knee-injury that required 12-surgical procedures to heal and twisted his spine which led to being bed-ridden for months.

In 2015, after he began showing symptoms of fibromyalgia; a condition that causes crippling pain over the whole body, Kyle decided to make a drastic change and now weighs 14st 12Ibs, which he believes has given him a positive outlook on life.

“I know I was over twenty-eight-stone because I went to weigh myself on our scale but it wouldn’t register my weight and I was too ashamed to seek out a scale that actually would,” Kyle said.

Kyle before. Kyle Brown-Latham /

“I fought with extreme yo-yo diets all my life; I would lose some weight and I would slim down for a while, but once I stopped taking the pills or starving myself, I would gain it all back and then some.

“Being restricted to my bed for months and the lack of self-discipline, I just ate my feelings and had given up. I had just eaten myself into a hole.

“I was barely getting from point A to point B and stopping for food along the way. I hated myself but I wouldn’t do anything about it. Being that big involved a lot of pain especially because of my injuries.

Kyle before. Kyle Brown-Latham /

“I would have to rock my body a couple of times to even get up off the couch and if I was sitting on the floor or somewhere where I couldn’t push up or grab on to something, I would have the assistance of my husband or somebody else to help me up.

“People just stared at me like I was a loser and I let myself believe that I was as well. Anywhere we would go; the grocery store, out to eat, I would have to stop periodically because I was too tired and in pain then it just became the norm.

“Movie theatre seats were even getting too small for me. I was so unhappy and hated myself so much for what I had done to myself but I still only tried to find comfort in food.

Kyle before. Kyle Brown-Latham /

“I was outside mowing the back yard and having to stop after each pass to stretch my back by sitting down for relief because I was so exhausted after only a fifty-foot walk behind the mower.

“That’s when everything hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn’t ready to be done. I wasn’t ready to just let this take over.

“I realised that nothing in my life was changing because I kept doing the same things and making excuses around it, just hoping something would change.

Kyle before with his husband. Kyle Brown-Latham /

“I had an epiphany. I have always been a control freak but the one single thing that I had complete control over I wasn’t doing anything about.

“My research opened my eyes to information that I had never know in my 30 years on this earth. Everything I thought I knew about food was wrong.”

Kyle decided to completely remove gluten and sugar from his diet as it is the second-most inflammatory substance that can be put into the body. From no exercise, he has added five to six days of workout to his weekly routine.

Kyle now. Kyle Brown-Latham /

He also incorporated a balanced, nutritional, protein-rich diet with complex carbohydrates, which he says has completely transformed his body.

“I have literally lost half of myself by making these lifestyle changes. It was small steps toward a big goal and it all started with my mindset,” he said.

“It is painful and hard at times but the pay-off will be that I don’t have more issues down the road. Today I don’t have the issues I did back then.

Kyle now. Kyle Brown-Latham /

“I have the energy and strength to go do stuff and live in the moment. I don’t have the weight holding me back and now with my fitness I can do things I would never have dreamed of.

“I am so blessed for being able to have come this far and want to share this gift with everyone. I want everyone to feel this good.

Kyle now. Kyle Brown-Latham /

“If I can help show just one person that they aren’t done and that they can change their lives this will make it that much better.

“Nothing gives me more joy than to know that others out there are being inspired to make a personal change because they saw what I have done.”

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