Photographer Jesus Herranz captures a sweet moment between a bride and her grandmother. Herranz

By Kate Harrold

THE WINNERS of the Fotografos de Boda Wedding Photography Award showcase heart-warming moments from weddings over the past year.

In one image, photographer Dami Saez photographed a bride standing in front of a mirror wearing a white lace dress whilst one of her bridesmaids zipped the dress up, and another started on the champagne.

In another, photographer Isma Sanchez captured the moment a bride descended downstairs with her father, arm in arm, with the duo’s shadows cast against the wall marking a poignant moment on the bride’s special day.

A young boy watches on as the bride slices into the giant wedding cake in this photo by Bris Lemant. Lemant

Fotografos de Boda was founded in 2012 by Martino Buzzi with the goal of celebrating the world’s best wedding photographers. The FbB Award was launched to award the most prestigious of these. Although based in Spain, this year’s award received entries from 400 photographers from across the globe.

“Many photographers have suffered due to the Covid-19 crisis but now, they’re willing to get back to work with more energy than ever,” Martino said.

“Couples have learnt that there is nothing more valuable than photos of their special day so it’s important to make a good investment in your wedding photographer.”

A dancer performs atop a table for the wedding party in this photograph by Jesus Herranz. Herranz

In one winning photograph, photographer Leonel Longa captured the moment a horde of female attendees scrambled to grab the bride’s bouquet as she threw it over her shoulder, signifying who was next in line to tie the knot.

Photographer Javier Villagran’s image featured a bride and groom stuffing each other’s faces with cake much to the amusement of the guests who stood around them.

Other stand-out photos included one by Roberto Abril who photographed a mask-clad couple admiring the bride and groom who shared a kiss during their pandemic wedding, and Remedio Cruces’ image which showed a young flower girl trailing behind the bride’s train wearing a floral headdress and with a huge beaming smile on her face.

Two brides enjoy the excitement of the occasion in this photo by Gaetano Pipitone. Pipitone

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