By Sophie Jones



MAGICAL photographs have shown a full-size grizzly bear splashing in a river.

In the image, the gigantic brown bear – which can weigh up to 270kg –  is shaking off his wet fur and creating a cascade of droplets.

A halo effect was created by the water as it bounced off his head the beautiful scene captured in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park.

In another photograph, the bear was catching salmon and pounced with surprising agility for an animal of his size.

The images were captured from just 5ft away with a Nikon D850 camera by IT professional and photographer Sunny Saha Pramanick (37) from Kolkata, India.

The bear has a thick coat and is adapted for fishing. ALASKA; USA

“It was my dream to catch a Grizzly bear with the magic of water,” he said.

“We were travelling on a boat in Lake Clark National Park in Alaska.

“After going a distance, the bear, which my daughter named ‘’Lazu’ because she thought he was a very lazy bear, was walking towards the lake.

“It came and grabbed a salmon in its paws and ate a bite or two and let it go.

The brown bear shaking his wet fur. ALASKA; USA

“I felt really good once I captured these shots. I liked that the bear was jumping in the lake water to catch salmon fish and shaking off the excess water from his body.”

Brown bears, also known as grizzly bears, can live for up to 25 years and mainly eat salmon, nuts, and berries.

They can run at speeds of 30mph and have one of the most powerful bites in the entire animal kingdom at 1,000 psi  –  even more force than a lion.