Anastasia out in the snow wearing all pink. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

By Josie Adnitt


MEET THE former goth who was inspired by her love of adult films to spend over four-thousand pounds transforming herself into a real-life SEX DOLL – and she used the inheritance left by her grandmother to fund it.

Anastasia Crimson (26) from Kiev, Ukraine, has always been a fan of unique and unusual styles, identifying as a goth as a teenager, and it wasn’t until she discovered her love for porn that she realised her true dream was to become a bimbo.

Inspired by porn stars, she realised she wanted to look like her own sexual fantasy. Now she’s spent around $6000 (£4366) fulfilling that dream.

Anastasia as a goth with long dark hair and no Botox or filler. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

After waiting until she moved out of her family home and had started earning her own money in IT as a UX designer, Anastasia began to start making modifications to her appearance.

Anastasia started by selling her inheritance of her grandmother’s jewellery to a pawnshop to fund getting her long black hair cut into a short bob and bleached blonde. Next, she began getting lip fillers to slowly increase the size of her lips and found a nail artist who could give her the long nails she’d always dreamed of.

Now, she has had 10cc of filler in her lips, 4cc in her cheekbones, and Botox injections in her forehead, chin, and jaws. She says she still wants bigger lips, but the next changes she wants are surgical rather than cosmetic.

Anastasia’s dramatic look includes bright pink eyebrows and tattoos left from her goth days. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

Her plans for more surgeries include breast and butt implants, a Brazilian butt lift, and outer labia implants. Her goal is to meet her taste in human appearance – including an absence of body hair, a fit body, and blonde hair with blue eyes.

Inspired by porn stars like Mary Magdalene and the self-proclaimed ‘bimbo queen’ Alicia Amira, she says that the bimbo movement should become more popular because it propagates inner freedom, power, confidence, and kindness.

She says if she tries to partake in activities on the internet outside of bimbo culture, she receives a lot of hate for her dramatic look and has even received comments like ‘you are an ugly fat cow’.

On the left, Anastasia without lip fillers, on the right, Anastasia now. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

Offline, instead of making mean comments, people often just stare at her and she says she has noticed that people stop talking when she comes near.

Anastasia’s family can’t get used to her new look and often tell her ‘enough with the lips’. She says they don’t understand her look is connected with her sexuality and are afraid for her health during her planned future surgeries.

“I realise now I was very unhappy when I was younger and it’s easy to see that in my old photos,” said Anastasia.

On the left is Anastasia during her goth days, on the right is her bimbofication transformation. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“When I was a teenager I was sad and shy with no confidence. I loved goth and other subculture styles. “I used to have dark hair and eyes, small lips with hard facial features, and be small and chubby.

“I always loved unusual styles but I always had the feeling something was missing and that I needed something cooler, more interesting for myself.

“I really love porn and one day I understood that I want to look like my own sexual fantasy – porn actresses with fit bodies, long blonde hair, and big plastic boobs, lips and ass.

Anastasia used to have long black hair which she got cut and bleached using inheritance money. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“I am from a poor family so I didn’t have money to spend on modifications and I used to buy my clothes second-hand.

“After university where I studied Czech Philology, I moved out and started to earn good money working in the IT industry as a UX designer and that was when I really started to feel the need to enlarge my lips.

“I started to change my appearance slowly, I started by cutting my long black hair into a short bob and bleaching it blonde.

She sits on her bed surrounded by sex toys and a Playboy pillow. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“It was expensive, but I paid for it by selling my inheritance of my grandmother’s gold jewellery.

“I didn’t feel bad about it because I have never liked gold jewellery and I wasn’t close with my grandmother.

“She had a professional character which made her a formidable mother and grandmother, so I think this gold is just one good thing she’s been able to do for me.

She poses on her bed wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘Satan is my sugar daddy’.mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“Two years ago, when I started to live on my own, it became possible to change my appearance more dramatically.

“As well as increasing the size of my lips, I got filler in my cheekbones, jaw and chin, and Botox in my forehead.

“I still want bigger lips but most of the changes I want next are surgical. I want more refined facial features and a more refined look.

Displaying her bleach blonde hair, long fake nails, and fillered lips. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“I often say I was born a dwarf but I’m turning into an elf with a sexy bimbo aesthetic.”

Anastasia’s first plastic surgery of breast implants is booked for August 17, 2021, and she says that she’s looking forward to getting the big boobs that have been her dream since she was 14.

Despite her sex-appeal look, she doesn’t much communicate with men other than her boyfriend who supports her in everything, as she says she struggles to meet normal, open-minded people in her country.

Pouting and posing into a mirror. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“I don’t communicate with men or other people a lot in real life because there is no bimbo community for me to be a part of,” said Anastasia.

“A lot of Russians think I am transgender because they are too old fashioned and not open-minded enough to open their eyes and realise not only trans women can look hyperbolically sexy.

“On the internet, people appreciate my choice to look like a sex doll and I like that they are getting sexual pleasure from my photos.

In a slightly more dressed-down outfit. mediadrumworld / @nasty_bimbo

“This style has given me real freedom and love for my appearance like never before. I feel confident and powerful and I get a lot of attention.

“There is no judgement or negativity in the online bimbo community and the people involved in it are wonderfully kind and nice, without judgement or negativity.

“All my life, even before I was a bimbo, I got a lot of negativity from other people on the internet. “Now, I just do what I like and don’t care about the opinions of people that are nobody to me.”