Michele has piercings all over his body, including a lip plug and studs in his cheeks are forehead. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

By Martin Ruffell


MEET THE man who has over seventy piercings covering his entire body, including FORTY-ONE on his genitals alone – and says it has proven to be so popular with his partners that he’s created an OnlyFans page.

Professional piercer Michele Mancini (28) from Naples, Italy originally went to university to study to become an accountant. However, after realising that he didn’t want to ‘die in an office’, Michele decided that he wanted to pursue a much more practical career.

Having got his ears pierced and stretched when he was 15 years old, Michele soon became fascinated by body modifications and spent hours each week researching different body modifications and was eager to learn more about it.

Michele pictured before his body transformation. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

During his late teens and early 20s, Michele covered his body in extreme piercings and tattoos which included a one and a half inch wide lip plug, a forehead stud and 41 implants in his genitals – 19 silicone ribs and 22 beads.

Michele also has cheek, nipple and nose piercings and has also undergone a tongue splitting procedure to make it resemble that of a snake.  For Michele, the most painful piercing was a piercing through his penis.

Whilst for the average punter, all of these modifications would cost several thousand pounds. However, as Michele is a piercer himself, he has been able to barter his way to getting almost all of his modifications done for free through friends. Some of the piercings, he has even done himself.

The Italian began stretching his earlobes when he was just 15 years old. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

When Michele first started to change his body, his mother Filomena Lucarelli (61) was very much against it, arguing that her son would find it difficult to get a job. However, soon realising that it was Michele’s life passion, she soon accepted her son’s wishes and has since even helped Michele to pierce his body.

When out in public, Michele notices strangers constantly staring at him, but this has become so common that it doesn’t bother him anymore. Despite rarely getting trolled, Michele has had one man joke with him that he would ‘never be able to marry his daughter’. Growing up, the parents of his friends told Michele that he was ‘ruining his body’, but Michele laughs these comments off.

Despite being currently single, Michele thinks that his body modifications haven’t had a negative impact on his love life, since it’s pretty obvious to anyone he meets that his look is a big part of his life. Michele’s ex-partner was skeptical when he told her that he was going to get gential implants, but Michele says that she fortunately found his split tongue and genital modifications attractive.

Michele got his ears pierced when he was 15 years old and has since gone on to have dozens more piercings all over his body. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

Since then, Michele’s extreme body mods have always been received positively by his partners who tell him they find it sexy.

Michele has even created his own Onlyfans page on which he posts naked pictures of himself and his piercings. Whilst it hasn’t made Michele rich, he says that it has allowed him to buy specialist books about piercing.

“My first direct experience with body modification was when I was fifteen years old,” said Michele.

He says that previous partners have been attracted to his extreme look. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

“I had a girlfriend who had piercings and little stretched lobes and I was so attracted that I wanted to learn more and more about it.

“I got my earlobes pierced and after some months I started to stretch them and then also got my septum pierced.

“I don’t have a favourite piercing as I love everything I have done to my body.

The 28 year old even has a metal bar running through his nose and lip. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

“Each one makes me feel more comfortable in my body and has meaning.

“I haven’t spent much money on my piercings as I always prefer to barter with friends and I do a lot of it myself, but I have spent a lot of blood.

“At first, my mother was against me getting body modifications for different reasons, such as me being too young and finding it difficult to find a job when I grew up.

The Italian shows off his split tongue and lip piercings. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

“When I was twenty-one, I started to modify myself frequently and she started to accept it.

“Sometimes she has even helped me when I needed a hand piercing.

“Some of my friend’s parents who remember me tell me that I’ve ruined my body, but they do it in a joking and loving way.

Michele works as a piercer himself and often pierces his own body or gets his piercer friends to do it for him. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

“People stare at me most of the time, and sometimes my friends give me a nudge and tell me, ‘Look at how they are staring at you’.

“But for me, it is completely normal and really doesn’t bother me.

“Sometimes I receive messages from people who tell me how much of an inspiration I am and it’s a pleasure to be able to share my passion with them and let them also know that they are not alone.

The parents of Michele’s friends tell him that he has ruined his body. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

“I’ve had someone joke with me that I would never be able to marry their daughter and another person who said I have ‘the wheels of a car in my ear’.

“To anyone that wants to start a relationship with me, it is very obvious that body modifications are a big part of my life, so it’s never really been a problem”

For anyone planning on modifying their own body, Michele advises to think carefully about it, as you don’t want to have regrets. But for him, life is also about expressing yourself and having fun.

Michele has over 40 piercings on his genitals alone and says that the penis piercings were excruciatingly painful. mediadrumworld.com / @mikthetaper

“You can never turn back, so think about what you want to do with your life because any regrets are no one’s problem but your own,” said Michele.

“But life is just a game so have fun as you only live once.

“I plan to get more modifications in the future, as my entire life is centred around the discovery of my body.

“The possibilities are infinite.”