Red paint covers the wall of the hallway which reads 'Satan Was Here'. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

By Martin Ruffell


STEP INSIDE this creepy grade II listed country house with satanic graffiti plastered over its walls – that’s been left to rot for DECADES.

One photo showed the property’s dilapidated kitchen – complete with 1970’s multicoloured floor tiles, a rusted agar, and damp seeping down the walls.

A second image, taken from a hallway, showed a wall covered in what looked like blood with the word ‘Satan’ painted ominously on the wall.

Copies of the Financial Times dating as far back as the 1950s were discovered inside. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

Other interesting discoveries from within the property included an ancient looking typewriter and a copy of the Financial Times dating back to 1956.

House husband and urban explorer, Adam Corkill (38) from Paignton in Devon, captured the spooky images after coming across the three bedroom, grade II listed house in Taunton, Somerset.

“I entered via the back where the whole rear wall of the house had fallen down,” said Adam.

Vines grow up the walls of the house which has been left completely abandoned since 2006. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

“It’s not a pleasant feeling when you see people’s memories scattered all over over the floor, but there’s alway intrigue as to what you’re going to find and hints about who lived there in the past.

“There was a really old looking TV and a sofa flipped into its side, but a lot of the furniture and personal items remained.

“It felt like if you just gave it half an hour’s attention, you could set the room to look as it did when the last occupants were living there.

A upturned sofa, ancient TV set and mould were found in the living room. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

“The floor was littered with newspaper cuttings dating back to 1950s and 1960s, sewing machines and typewriters.

“There was a diary from the previous owner who had kept a daily record of everything that happened each day in 1965.

“You feel like you are delving into someone’s memories.

Dust covers a typewriter that has been left discarded after the previous owner sadly passed away some twenty years ago. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

“You could definitely sense that if you did anything wrong there, the eyes of the building would be on you.

“It felt like if you were to do anything bad in the house the ghosts of the building would follow you home.

“The stairs to the upstairs had completely fallen down, with only a ladder leading to the upper floor.

An old picture of the property from the 1970s shows it in all its former glory. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

“Part of the problem with urban exploration getting more popular is that it does attract a very small percentage of people who want to do damage.

“Someone had gone in and scrawled on the wall in red paint ’Satan Was Here’.

“It certainly added to the abandoned look, but I assume it was teenagers causing trouble.

The house was left to rot after its grade II listed status put potential buyers off. Mediadrumimages / @lost_property_devon

“You feel the ghosts of the past in these places, but whether these places are actually haunted is anyone’s guess.”

After being contacted by the original owner’s great granddaughter, Adam learned that the house was left abandoned in 2006 after the last owner sadly passed away at the turn of the millenium.

With the house being put up for auction, a last minute decision to turn the house into a grade II listed building made it an unattractive acquisition for any potential buyer, since limited changes could be made to it. As a result, the house has fallen into a state of disrepair.