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The summer is coming which means that the vast majority of the population is desperately trying to achieve a beach ready body. Even though all of us would like to get fit instantly, unfortunately the reality is quite different. You need to invest quite a lot of time and sweat but the entire journey shouldn’t be painful and excruciating. Here are some tips from top personal trainers that will help you get ready for the summer and enjoy yourself whilst doing it.


Be realistic and work with a qualified personal trainer

The top personal trainer in Abu Dhabi Milos Jovanovic says that in general you need to be realistic, patient and persistent when it comes to your results and goals. Another important advice by this three time world karate medalist is to choose your personal trainer wisely. “We always ask our clients if they’d visit a doctor who got their diploma over a weekend. Why would you then pick a personal trainer who is unqualified and lacks knowledge?”, adds Milos. He points out that trainers can also seriously jeopardize your health, so carefully choosing a right personal trainer is of utmost importance.

The right personal trainer will be costly but worth it in the end since health doesn’t have a price. Depending on your location, personal trainer costs vary, so consult with a few trainers to see what they are offering and what price suits your standards.

Focus on maintaining healthy habits

It’s easy to get lost in the process and constantly weigh yourself while you’re working on your general fitness, notices a personal trainer Jess Dosh from Nashville, Texas. According to her it is most important to cultivate habits that will last you a lifetime. Tweaking your habits day by day is what is most sustainable and what will make you fitter in the future.


Make up an interim goal

Working towards a certain goal is what keeps some people motivated in the gym. However, if it may help you set an interim goal, notes Robin Gillespie, a pilates instructor in Philadelphia. Interim goals tend to be more reasonable and achievable. . For instance, Robin set a realistic goal for her client to run a 5K in eight weeks which they managed to accomplish. She enthusiastically concluded that apart from completing the run successfully, her client weighed five pounds less and their general fitness level was much higher.


Don’t solely focus on cardio

A lot of people while trying to lose weight only do cardio because they’ve heard it burns the most calories. A fitness instructor from Chicago, Michele Blakely, urges you to train your strength with weights and dumbbells. When you do strength training you build your muscle which in turn makes your metabolism faster. Moreover, when you do cardio such as running, spinning or hiking, strong muscles provide you with better form, she adds. When your core is strong you’re less likely to suffer from injury during your workouts.


Walking is beneficial too

Running on the treadmill and lifting weights is not the only thing which will aid your general fitness. A great way to get more fit is to go on 30 minute walks, advises Danielle Natoni, a fitness trainer based in Las Vegas. Aside from upping your step count this way you’ll benefit your general well being. Walking is known to improve mood as well as fitness.


Get a workout buddy

If paying for a personal trainer is over your budget, find a friend that will go to the gym with you. It’s so much harder to bail on a gym day if you know you’ll be blowing someone off. This great piece of advice is given by Ramsey Bergeron, a 8 time iron man and Scottsdale-based personal trainer. Ramsey has another great idea for those who have friends who are more of a couch potato kind. When you are feeling less motivated, you can even write a Facebook status declaring your goals so your Facebook friends can hold you accountable, concludes Ramsey.