By Amy Walters


THIS HUNTRESS has raised over THREE-THOUSAND-POUNDS in a week for animal conservation after posting ‘sexy’ photos on OnlyFans – even though she admits to trophy hunting LIONS and giraffes for target practice.

Conservationist and hunter, Michaela Fialova from Litomerice, Czech Republic, began hunting when she was just 13-years-old where she hunted a deer with her family. Ever since then, she has had a love for animals and hunting.

In 2013, she moved to South Africa where she became invested in conservation and trophy hunting. She has hunted zebras, giraffes, crocodiles and impalas as well as other safari animals and used her kill to make unique steaks and paté.

Michaela started an OnlyFans after her private reservation was struggling for funding. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

For Michaela, the thrill she gets from hunting is like no other and she enjoys being able to taste new meats as well as conserving animals that are in need due to disease or over-population.

A typical day hunting involves studying the species of animal that needs population management and stalking them for three days, until they can detect the weaker members of the herd to kill. Over the course of a week, around 50 per cent of the population can be hunted which will sustain the overall population for the future.

As conservation can also mean protecting animals, such as rhinos, who are dehorned to protect them from poachers, the cost to the private reservations for this can reach up to £7,000 ($10,000) per animal and due to covid, there hasn’t been enough funding to carry out these procedures.

She used to receive money from sponsorships due to her online presence, but this has now stopped due to covid. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

Michaela was figuring out a way to make some extra money to help fund her conservation team when her friend, Sandra (32) suggested OnlyFans – a subscription based social media platform – which intrigued Michaela as she had modelled for male magazines previously.

She set up her OnlyFans in March 2021 and in the course of a week, made just under £3,000 ($5,000) from posting ‘sexy’ pictures in her underwear that she had already posted on social media and plans to spend the money on tactical vests for rangers who protect animals from poachers and on veterinary care for safari animals in need.

Michaela has had extensive rifle training to ensure that she can shoot the animal in one hit without causing them too much pain and knows that she is using her skills for helping animals, rather than just for fun.

After just one week, she had made close to £3,000. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

Although using her skills for good, her controversial images of trophy hunts and other kills have been widely discredited by the public who even called for Michaela to be banned from Africa entirely.

She has received comments such as, ‘I hate you, how can you sit there so happy when that animal has lost its life’ and ‘You’re a murderer’ which doesn’t bother her as she knows that hunting is important to the preservation of wildlife population.

“I began hunting when I was thirteen-years-old when I went out with my family for the first time and hunted down a deer, which gave me a thrill like no other and since then, I’ve not been able to live without hunting,” said Michaela.

She has been adopted the ‘sexy hunter’ after her photos went viral. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“As time went on, I began getting interested in the conservation of animals by hunting and I studied this at university as it was my dream career as I got older.

“At age twenty-four, I moved to South Africa to start my career as a conservationist where a typical day involved studying the animal that we wanted to manage and then stalking out the herds to detect the weak and old members, which we then hunt down.

“You don’t want overpopulation – especially in the wild – as it can lead to a struggle for water and food if there’s too many of the same species, which is why I do what I do.

She hopes that people will educate themselves and understand that hunting is needed for the sustainability of wildlife. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“Once we detect the members of the herd to cull, we then detect members that have strong genetics and therefore need to be taken care of for sustainable population growth.

“As well as weeding out disease and overpopulation, I also protect animals such as rhinos from poachers. We do this by shooting down the rhino with a dart which puts them to sleep and then we proceed to dehorn them.

“I know some people might see this as cruel, but it enables the rhinos to populate successfully without being badly hurt by poachers in the future.

Michaela’s trophy hunts have caused such an uproar that people have called on her to be banned from Africa. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“However, this process is costly and can cost anywhere between three-thousand to seven-thousand pounds per rhino, which used to be fine when the private reservation I work for used to have an income from commercial hunting – but due to covid, this has declined.

“As my hunting pictures have become popular over time, I used to make money from sponsorships which I donated to the private reservation, but this has also stopped and I was at loss thinking of ways to make some extra cash.

“My friend, Sandra, suggested to me a few months ago about OnlyFans as I had already adopted the nickname ‘sexy hunter’ because I post risqué pictures on my social media, so I thought why not post the same photos on there.”

However, she knows that she uses her hunting skills for good rather than just for fun. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

Michaelka proceeded to upload and sell photos of herself in her underwear holding guns, as well as pictures of herself from certain angles which show off her figure and within one week, she made nearly £3,000 from OnlyFans alone.

“I had no idea that I could make so much money from one platform which was mind blowing to me, but I was over-the-moon that I was finally able to donate money to my reservation which desperately needed some new tactical vests for some rangers,” said Michaela.

“Now, I plan to continue uploading as much content as possible so that I’m able to fund the veterinary care for animals in need as this is why I started off my journey in the first place – to help and protect the animals.

She uses her trophy hunts to make unique steaks and other meat products. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“I haven’t had any ‘creepy’ requests so far and most of my subscribers are very respectful, but I have had some comments from outsiders who don’t seem to approve of my new business venture.

“I’ve had comments such as, ‘You’re seriously going to sell yourself on OnlyFans’ directed towards me from people who want to make fun of what I’m doing, but I don’t care as I used to pose for men’s magazines and this is no different to that.

“In terms of hunting, I have had some hurtful comments such as, ‘You’re a murderer’ and ‘You’re so selfish, I hate you’ directed towards me which hurt at first, but over time I’ve realised that these people know nothing about what I do and if they did their research, they would realise that not hunting would harm wildlife so much more.

As the private reservation also protect animals from poachers, this process can cost thousands of pounds. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“I try my best to give the public true information so that I can prevent emotional reactions such as this, but people do get carried away sometimes, even to the point where people were calling on me to be banned from Africa for good.

“I know my pictures of trophy hunts such as zebras, lions, giraffes and other animals can be upsetting, but I do this for practice and to give these old animals a new lease of life such as for food for humans.

“I believe the biggest animal I’ve hunted to date was a one-thousand-pound antelope which I hunted for meat and fed to an entire starving village, which is one of my biggest accomplishments.

Michaela has been hunting ever since she was 13-years-old. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“Despite this, one of the hardest things about hunting is killing the animals and seeing them in pain. I’ve trained often for many years to ensure that I can complete long range shooting in one shot so that the animal doesn’t have to suffer much, but it’s very hard to see when you make an error or wound the animal.

“I know that we kill animals that need to be killed and save the ones that need to be saved and it’s all part of the job that I just have to overcome.

Michaela has been widely discredited by the public for her trophy hunts. MDWfeatures/@michaelkashuntingwild

“My message to anyone who doesn’t like my hunting or OnlyFans, is that you can hate me if you wish, but I’m doing all I can to protect our wildlife so that we can have a healthy population of species for years to come.

“It’s my life and it’s part of my journey to educate people on why hunting can be used for good.”