The global pandemic has not only given rise to our worries about personal health and safety but has also raised concerns regarding global trade. Various industries have taken a harsh blow since last year due to COVID-19 and the watch industry is no exception; especially with the rise of smart watches and an industry-wide restructuring that continues to put a hamper on growth and investment. According to the latest survey conducted by Watchpro, Rolex production dropped by 19 percent (140,000) units last year but still gained market share as brands from LVMH. Based on the implied retail sales value of 8 Billion CHF, Rolex is now thought to have 24.9 percent of the global market compared to 22 percent in 2019 due to online sales made that year.

The industry went through a crisis period. But after a painful restructuring and job losses, the trends are looking quite good. Rolex is a brand known to offer a wide assortment of classic and professional watch models to suit any wrist to find a perfect combination of style and functionality. The brand’s flexibility and innovation are one of the few reasons as to why it remains as the top Swiss brand watch to this day. This, among many other well-known and luxury brands, can be found at Ice Storm Gems.

Ice Storm Gems caters most of its products online. Their watch collection by itself is something to be impressed at which includes top brands such as Patek Philippe, Audermas Piguet, and of course, Rolex. It especially focuses on chosen pieces that are diamond encrusted, adding extra luxury to already luxurious accessories. All of the watches are excellently made and are available in different variations such as gold, brushed stainless steel, and fully iced out. The store currently has a dedicated collection for diamond rolex watch, with some of its pieces being a part of their best selling products, interested buyers shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity!

Not only does the store have a quality selection of watches, it also offers a variety of gem chains, rings, earrings, and bracelets for both men and women at a reasonable price for those who want to invest in these luxury items. Ice Storm Gems can certainly cater to those who find their interests in purchasing a variety of luxury accessories.

The store has a user friendly interface, with 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed to ensure shoppers get the best experience buying their timeless luxury items. The user-friendliness, with the acceptance of several payment methods, are features that make Ice Storm Gems stand out from its other competitors within the industry.