Since most of the Earth is covered by oceans — the five oceans cover about 71% — the way we familiarize children with aquatic life is fundamental. The Earth’s ecology depends on the oceans and the life that calls them home. Most children marvel at the wonders of nature, especially animal life. They have fun exploring their varied interests to better understand them. The seas are vast and hold unique mysteries that tend to lure kids’ curiosity and tempt them to know more. There are a variety of mediums with which to educate your kids about ocean life; they can learn about blue whales, almost endless varieties of fish, coral reefs and everything in between.

Read Books

Your younger children will thoroughly love reading books about the ocean and marine life with you. They’ll relish learning about the vast array of creatures that live in the sea and examining photos and illustrations of all the unique shapes and colours the oceans have to offer. Kids can learn about the world’s different oceans and understand how they’re alike and how they differ.

Set Sail

Depending on where you live and the limits of your budget, you may be able to allow your children to experience an ocean in person. Nothing can beat a real-life ocean excursion, such as private boat charters for kids in San Diego. These types of outings can provide a once-in-a-lifetime whale-watching experience. Children should be able to observe more than one whale species (e.g., blue, humpback and minke whales). They are sure to see many other types of sea life.

Watch Ocean Videos

Documentaries and other videos about oceanography and marine biology are also fantastic ways to pique your kids’ interest. There’s no shortage of general informational videos about our oceans; they are age-appropriate so you need not worry about the material being too elementary or advanced. Many focus on a specific aspect, such as one type of aquatic animal, environmental conservation or natural history. As your child’s interests become more focused, you can move from general to more specific content. The internet is also full of educational resources to familiarize children with aquatic life. There you will find many different and fun ways to educate children of all ages. Kids should know how every aspect of human life relies on the oceans, such as the Earth’s water cycle, the food chain and how humans use the seas in commerce. In fact, all life on Earth depends on the oceans and is significantly impacted by their health.

Visit Aquariums

Although children won’t be able to see animals in their natural habitat when they visit aquariums, it gives them a glimpse into marine animal life that they wouldn’t see in person, unless they went scuba diving or snorkelling. Your children will not only see hundreds of different creatures, but aquariums also provide extensive information about each species.

When you’re ready to set out with your kids on a new adventure, contact Next Level Sailing for an unforgettable whale-watching excursion. There’s nothing like being out on the open ocean, witnessing these majestic creatures diving and frolicking in their natural habitat. Be sure to also watch out for other amazing animals like pelicans, dolphins and sea lions.