When planning a road trip, there are various essentials to consider such as a travel itinerary, safety, travel budget, ways to make it more interesting and likewise. For those interested in making a road trip super fun and plan as per your budget, here are 7 tips to consider before taking off on your adventure:

  1. Buy Your Gas at Supermarket Gas Stations


If you want to save fuel, do not fill up on the motorways. Supermarket gas stations usually offer the best price, depending on the country you are in. If you are lucky enough to have a huge fuel tank, refuel at the cheapest place you can have. The cost of fuel can quickly add up and turn your road trip budget into an expensive one. Therefore, if you have budget constraints, this strategy can be a great way to make cuts.


  1. Make a Plan before You Leave


Before setting off, you should make a plan. You want to make sure you have your trip mapped out so you don’t end up with unplanned expenses. At some point, you may be forced to take a break, settle down somewhere or sleep somewhere, but make sure you familiarize yourself with the routes and set a budget. One of the best ways people end up overspending is if they don’t plan ahead. When it comes to a road trip budget, don’t overdo it. Prioritize what is most important to you and allocate more dollars to your most important items. 


  1. Decide Whether to Rent a Car


When it comes to road trips, the world is your oyster. There are countless ways to see and do things that you can’t afford elsewhere. You need to know what you want to experience and make your trip on a budget. Renting a car is an important part of your trip and can be the most expensive thing you pay if you haven’t thought much about it. Make sure you dedicate sufficient attention when you breakdown the costs of renting a car or bringing your own.


It is a good idea to plan ahead during your road trip and break down your costs in advance. Have a look at your planned car rental price and calculate how much it will cost you per day (including gas) to the best of your ability. 


  1. Decide Where You Spend Your Nights


If you don’t have a plan for where to stay, you’ll end up spending more on hotels, B & Bs, and online bookings than you expected. Especially if you travel to more rural areas, this is crucial to help you find better accommodation. 


One of the best ways to save money on a road trip is accommodation. I suggest that a nice big, comfortable tent is essential for camping, but take a camper if you have the money. This way, you can park everywhere and camp for free. You can also find ways not to pay for a hotel or hostel while you are doing so. Fill up at the supermarket in the city or at the gas station on the motorway, and your money goes further. 


The accommodation was the biggest expense on my huge road trip to Europe. Air BnB and search engines have created the possibility to stay in local places and cities. Trying to find budget options is an important way to save money on a road trip. While travelling through Europe, for example, you can filter out accommodations with free breakfast and access to a kitchen. Saving money at breakfast is one of the best tips I can give for inexpensive road trips. 


  1. Bring a GPS


Maps and routes are essential to get around on your inexpensive road trip. A GPS device can be a great help, but you can always consult your state or Department of Transportation website for more information. If you need updates on current traffic problems or road construction, it can save gas if you consider alternative roads. 


  1. Take Measures for Your Safety


Road trips are not risk-free, so be sure to take measures to ensure everyone’s safety. These measures include having comprehensive car insurance in case something happens to the vehicle. Moreover, it’s helpful to understand how to perform basic auto maintenance such as changing tires since this function can save you a lot of dollars in the event of a flat tire. Instead of getting expensive surprise repairs, you can do it yourself. In order to avoid accidents, you should prepare your car for a drive in good time. Additionally, it can be a good decision to share the driving responsibility along the way with all the driving.


  1. Find Free Activities


Keep your money on your bucket list items and get creative, and use the internet to find free activities in the area. You can find a surprising number of activities that you can do for free, which will eventually help you make a road trip on a budget.