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Nothing can be more exciting than a surprise, for both the receiver and the giver, but coming up with the surprise can be hard. Gone are the days when the ideal gift for dad is a new tie. And even back then, how boring it must have been to receive only new ties for all of your special occasions!  If you are struggling with finding the right gift for your husband, then you’re not alone. 

While it can be intimidating trying to find the right gift, you don’t have to feel pressured. With a bit of time and creativity, you are sure to encounter the perfect surprise for your husband. While it is easier to simply purchase something standard for your man, adding a bit of thought and creativity into your surprise will make it more impactful, and leave him remembering your thoughtfulness for years to come.

 Here are some great ideas for creative ways to surprise the special man in your life.

Give Him a Surprise when He’s Not Expecting it

One of the best ways you can surprise your husband is by doing it on a normal day! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of only buying gifts or planning surprises for special days such as anniversaries or birthdays.

A great option for pulling off an awesome surprise is to do it on any normal day. Your love is not only present on special occasions, and your husband will feel appreciated and valued to know that you think of him enough to plan a surprise on a random Tuesday, as well as other important dates.

Showing creativity means thinking outside of the box, and having special surprises ‘just because’ for your husband can make a big difference in his response. Planning something special for your man on days when he is not expecting it will leave him more surprised than offering the same on days when he may be anticipating something.

Putting this little twist on your surprises can make them more successful and meaningful than you imagined. Perhaps get your husband something that’s completely unexpected, like a full suit of armor to add to his geeky collection or luxurious spa treatment to a good ol’ pampering. Whatever the surprise is, make sure it’s something absolutely he’ll love.

Customize Everything You Can

If you are purchasing gifts for your husband, and want to make the surprise even better, then make sure to customize the surprise as much as you can. With so many unique items available online, you can find many products that will surprise your man, from a personalized folding pocket knife to a customized print that showcases the stars on the day you met. It doesn’t matter what type of gift you are getting, you can take some extra time and find something personal and customizable that he will be sure to love. With so many customization options available for online gifts and purchases, you are sure to find a gift that suits your tastes and personality. 

The majority of these products come with customization options, from engraving to personalized wrapping, try to customize your gifts every chance you can. While engraving and color choice is a small detail, these can change a nice surprise into a great one, so go the extra mile and customize your gifts when possible.

Turn Something Old Into Something New

Surprising your husband doesn’t always mean spending money on gifts, or purchasing new things. With so many advertisements and new gadgets, it is easy to get lost in the commerciality of gift-giving. But you don’t always have to purchase something new to surprise your man. You can put some creativity into his beloved but well-worn items, and transform them into a gift he will never forget.

If your husband has a favorite item that needs to be repaired, now could be a great time to give it the treatment it deserves. From mending old clothes to repairing and polishing old trophies, transforming your husband’s old keepsakes can be a great surprise for him.

If he has an old T-shirt collection, you can turn it into a blanket, or you can take some of your children’s clothing and make it into memory bears for him to have forever. Sentimentality aside, if your husband has a tool collection that needs some work, you can get his items professionally tuned and cleaned or repaired.

Surprises from the heart don’t always mean purchasing new items. If your husband has been neglecting his treasures or has something that is old and threadbare but he refuses to give it up, mend it, clean it, refurbish it, and surprise with his old item made new again. For sure, he will be pleasantly surprised and love you more for it.

Sometimes a Short Break can be the Best Surprise

Especially with so many people working from home due to the current global pandemic, life can feel a bit stressful and stagnant. If your husband is feeling the pressures of being stuck in the house all day, a great way to surprise him is a break from the house.

While taking tropical vacations is currently not in the stars, that doesn’t mean the two of you can’t take a small getaway for a night or two, to recharge your batteries. Depending on your climate, this can mean going for a nice camping trip, or taking a short road trip within your locality and staying the night in a hotel.

A staycation can be just as invigorating as a vacation, and you don’t always have to travel far and wide to feel refreshed. Exploring your own backyard can be a great way to surprise your hubby, pack an overnight bag and take him on a drive, explore your local countryside and simply be together in the car singing your favorite songs. End your night eating his preferred food in your hotel room, and give him the gift of a recharge.

While it may seem like the best surprises have already come and gone, with a bit of thought and creativity, you can offer your husband a great surprise that will leave him smiling and happy. If you are planning the next greatest gift for your hubby, keep these tips in mind. By customizing his gift and personalizing it to his interests, your gift will be a home run.