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Should you decide to visit Scotland, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the beautiful castles and sights. To help you create your ideal plan, we’ve decided to mention a few must-see attractions and show you what you can see on the way.

Once you start discovering Scotland’s castles, lakes, picturesque towns as well as its capital, you’ll realize that one short vacation won’t be enough to see it all.

Let’s dive right in.

Glen Coe Valley

Most people travel to Scotland to hike through the green hills and enjoy its lush nature. If you’re among them, the first stop for you should be Glen Coe Valley. After a long hike, you can visit Glen Coe village to appreciate stone houses as well as taste some of the region’s best food.

If you’re planning to spend a few days in this region, another sight that’s worth visiting is Stalker Castle. The castle stands in the middle of Oban lake, and you can get there by boat. Even if you decide to marvel at the castle from afar, it’s unforgettable scenery that will keep you in awe.

On the way from the village, the road can take you to see Glenfinnan. For all train lovers, you can see the Jacobite Express and enjoy the spectacular views. And, if you think that this scene looks familiar, you would be right because it’s featured in Harry Potter movies. Of course, you can get to the train station and enjoy a lovely ride through the Scottish hills.

Inverness and Loch Ness

Everyone who visits the north of Scotland must plan at least a few days around visiting Loch Ness and Inverness. Ideally, your start point can be the city of Inverness and the Palace Hotel and Spa. With picturesque villages like Fort Augustus, Drumnadrochit and Dores located just a few kilometers from the city, you can extend your spa weekend and visit at least a few of them.

If you’re an adventurer, booking a cruise tour of the lake and a visit to Urquhart Castle is one of the best ways to spend your day.


There’s no trip to Scotland that’s complete without visiting Glasgow. It’s situated in the far south, and it’s the largest city in the country.

Glasgow is a vibrant city, full of students, young professionals, and its cultural scene is bursting. If you want to try great food, visit museums, galleries, or walk around the city, you’ll need a few days to experience it.

We suggest spending your morning in Glasgow Science museum, go for a quick shopping in Buchanan Street and rest in Kelvingrove Park. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can visit the University of Glasgow (also known as Hogwarts) and enjoy its lovely architecture.

Later in the evening, Ashton Lane is an excellent place to have an evening drink and see the Saint Mungo cathedral under the night lights.


The Flower of Scotland

The city of Aberdeen is another must-see place to include in your Scottish tour itinerary. It’s one of the biggest ports in the North Sea and a city with some of the oldest early medieval architecture examples. 

It’s a city that’s perfect for circular walks that will lead you through the Old town and St Machar’s Cathedral that dates from the 12th century. According to the legend, a quarter of Wiliam Wallace’s body was buried alongside other notable warriors. Another stop on your walking should definitely be the Town House and King’s College. 

A perfect palace to end your one-day trip to Aberdeen is Union Street, where you’ll see His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen Art Gallery. It ends in front of the Marischal College, the second-largest granite building in the world. 

Lastly, if you want to end your day in a traditional pub with bare brick walls, make sure to visit Old Blackfriars on Castle Street, where you can try malt whiskeys and try local food.


Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomond is the biggest loch in Scotland, and it’s surrounded by a verdant forest. With many sheep and other cattle that move around freely, Trossachs national park looks lovely, and it’s a place where a lot of photographers visit every year.

With two hiking trails to Ben Lomond and Conic Hill, you can climb the steep hills and get to the top. From there, you can fully appreciate and marvel the nature. Afterward, you can continue to see the Doune and Stirling castle to see some of the outstanding examples of Scottish medieval architecture.


The Capital

Edinburgh is an ideal place to start or end your Scottish tour. It’s a city divided between its historical heritage and modernity. With old and new, it’s a must-see place because of its unique atmosphere.

With Edinburgh castle that watches over the city, it’s a go-to place for every tourist. Afterward, you can visit one of the National Museums because it’s free and it gives you a perspective on how old the city really is.

Another lovely place that sits over the city is Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano that held some of the first forts in the area. Today, it’s a park booming with diverse wildlife. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the panorama of Edinburgh and visit St. Anthony’s Chapel on your way back. 

Princess Street and the Gardens are one of the best ways to go from Old Town to New Town as they let you absorb the streets and savor the ambiance. Of course, after a long walk, you’ll have to visit a whisky distillery or go for a whisky tour to find out more about this well-known Scottish drink.


Why Should You Visit Scotland?

One of the best things about Scotland is the scenic nature and its diversity. From bustling cities to charming villages, you can have an adventure, relaxing spa weekend, or cultural exploration.

Lastly, it’s one of the best places to start exploring as soon as possible.