It appears that silver is the new black. On one side, there are those who want to embrace their natural greys, while others are trying out the latest products to wear silver as their new crown

Either way, it is a great time to be enthusiastic about going platinum blonde. If you are considering a makeover, here are some tips from our expert hair stylists. 


  1. Match the Shade to your Skin Tone 

You might not have to choose between 50 shades of grey, but there are still a few prominent grey variants making the circles. If you do not choose wisely, the wrong hair color could wash out your complexion. 

It might be tricky for those with a yellow undertone to find a grey that goes well with their skin. The result might make you look unbalanced if not done carefully. 

On the other side, those with pink undertones can find it easy to pull-off the grey hair look


  1. A Tough and Long Transition for Brunettes

If your hair is dark, then you will first have to lighten your hair to a white blonde before you attempt the grey. It is best to gradually build up the balayage instead of bleaching your entire hair in one go. 

Moreover, such a subtle transition would be more suited for brunettes. You can add grey tresses by bleaching sections, slowly transforming your look.


  1. Do not Miss the Toner 

The key to achieving the perfect smooth silver strands is the toner. Once you have bleached your hair, it is down to toning to get the shade just right. It is also what makes the hair look proper silver or grey and not turn to dull greenish-grey in a few weeks. 

You will have to keep up the toning work every two to three weeks to sustain the shine.  

That said, if you are making this dramatic change, it is best to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. There is a lot of groundwork required, and you could end up damaging your hair. The experts can give you a personalized grey tone that works best for you. 


  1. Treat your Hair Right 

Any dye treatment will leave your hair a little weary for a while. Lightning hair to this tone can weaken it. In order to ensure that your silver shines through, you will also have to invest in hair products to get your hair the nourishment it needs. 

You will also have to increase the number of trips to the hair salon for treatments to strengthen and hydrate your hair.  


  1. Go Grey Without the Commitment 

Do you want to try out the color without having to fork out a salon visit? The silver hair care line can be found in the beauty aisles of the supermarkets as well. You will have to find the right bleach, toner, shampoo, and other products for the post-coloring maintenance as well. 

If you only want to experiment for a few quick posts on Instagram, then we suggest that you consider a wig. It has no long-term commitments, no extravagant costs, and you can switch back to your natural hair any time you want.