By Amy Walters


THIS COUPLE invited another woman to join their relationship and found out she was PREGNANT on the same day they MISCARRIED.

Stay-at-home mum, Victoria Gibson (25) from California, USA, met automotive technician, Robert McCoy (24) back in 2012 at a local skatepark and the two were high school sweethearts, until May 2018 when Robert met warehouse associate, Destiny Griffin (24) at work.

Robert introduced Destiny to Victoria and they began hanging out together. They realised they had a strong attraction to one another and decided to become a closed triad in August 2018.

Destiny’s pregnancy was bittersweet, as they found out on the same day that Victoria miscarried. MDWfeatures /

Their love for each other has grown deeper over the years and the trio decided in November 2019 that they wanted to take the next step in their relationship and start a family together. Although everyone had mixed feelings at first because they had concerns about financial wellbeing due to recently moving, they quickly came around to the idea.

After three months, Victoria fell pregnant and the three were overjoyed, but sadly, on January 29, 2020 she found out that she had miscarried. Although it was a solemn day for their relationship, in a bittersweet turn of events, Destiny found out she was pregnant on the same day – which caused overwhelming emotions.

Destiny’s pregnancy was a roller coaster of emotions, with highs and lows on all sides as they were still dealing with Victoria’s miscarriage and had fears that the same would happen again. However, they knew that to provide mentally and emotionally for the baby, they needed to work on themselves and get prepared for what was to come.

Although they had fears that Destiny would also miscarry, they put these to the side and got excited for their new arrival. MDWfeatures /

The three began getting excited for their new arrival, as the anticipation of what was to come outweighed the worries they had and on November 1, 2020, they all gathered in the hospital room together and welcomed Asmodeus ‘Momo’ Reign Valhalla into the world.

Since having a baby, the three are the closest they have ever been, as they have found themselves having more moments bonding with each other over the baby, as well as appreciating the free time they have together more.

“We talked about starting a family beforehand and it was Robert who brought it up – there were slight mixed reactions on everyone’s part but we decided to push forward and start a family,” said Victoria.

They hope to move somewhere more green and laid back in the future. MDWfeatures /

“I was the first to become pregnant, but sadly miscarried the same day we figured out Destiny was pregnant. It was a very bittersweet moment and took a bit to handle so many emotions.

“Destiny gave birth to Asmodeus (Momo) Reign Valhalla on November 1, 2020 and we wanted a name that sounded very powerful and moving, while also being unique and one of a kind.

“Having three parental figures is nice, but none of us have any other children, so it’s hard to know if it’s truly easier or harder – we make the best of what we can though.

They can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. MDWfeatures /

“Destiny is now back to work part time and Robert works full time. So in the mornings, I will watch Momo until Destiny is off, then they both will take care of him for the remainder of the day.

“Once Robert gets home, he helps as much as he can before we try to lay Momo down for the night and we all try to find time for our relationship in between baby naps and when the grandparents come to watch him.

“Our families were very excited when we told them and we did this by making picture frames to put an ultrasound picture in, with a quote ‘he or she, grandparent to be’ and there were plenty of joyful tears and pure anticipation for the months and years ahead.

They all share parenting duties, but Momo ultimately decides who he wants to spend time with. MDWfeatures /

“Now they’ve got a grandchild, we are sure they couldn’t be any happier. Momo was born during the pandemic, so only the three of us were ever allowed to be in the hospital, but the grandparents and Robert’s sister drove two-hundred miles to wait in the parking lot for support and excitement, where they waited for two days and two nights.

“Since having the baby, we have had a lot more bonding moments through the baby and the small times we have together are a lot more appreciated.

“Trying to find roles to fill is just as easy, as it is hard – of course there are times where one may need a break or another is ready to have some time with him, but at the end of it all, Momo decides who he wants to be with and what he wants to do.

Due to covid, only the three were allowed in the hospital room together for the birth. MDWfeatures /

“We are definitely still working out a few routines, but he is growing and changing so fast that we are almost changing things daily.”

Since having their baby, they have received mostly positive comments that are from a place of support and a lot more people are focused on their baby, rather than their relationship.

“This is not how I imagined life, yet now that it is here, I can’t imagine anything different. The thought of a closed poly triad family unit is beautiful to me. I enjoy the idea of family and lots of it,” said Victoria.

Destiny gave birth to Momo in November 2020.MDWfeatures /

“We now live in Sacramento, California away from family and friends, which has been a bit of an adventure moving away and starting a family, but nonetheless has been a beautiful experience.

“We hope to move out of California in the future and move to somewhere more green and laid back.

“We don’t have any particular message to convey through our family structure, but we hope for justice, peace, and equality here within the US.

They wanted to pick a name that was unique and powerful and settled on Asmodeus Reign Valhalla. MDWfeatures /

“We want equality for all, including freedom to love for ourselves and others in the polyamorous community.”