Without a doubt, Instagram has an amazing active user base. With more than 500 million daily active users and that too mostly below 35 years of age, Instagram is one of the best platforms to kick-start your travel blog account. According to this article here https://www.simplygram.com/how-to-get-more-followers-on-instagram/, the craze for gaining followers by travel bloggers has been insanely increasing. People today make their travel decisions and bookings after being influenced by Instagram!

But again, there are thousands of travel accounts on Instagram, and not all of them are doing amazing. So how are you supposed to stand out and make your account more popular? Have a plan and concept for your travel account. Then follow some tips and tricks and see the difference.

  1.   Use a Smart Username and create a Good bio.

First impressions are important! So make sure you select and go for a snappy username and an appealing bio. It speaks a lot about what your account is going to be like.

  1.   Post Regularly

The correct way to manage your travel Instagram account is to create and follow a posting calendar. You have to keep posting frequently. You should have a daily, weekly, or monthly posting plan. Only then will you be able to create an interest among your followers. Active accounts get more followers.

Moreover, you can also study about the best time to post on Instagram. Generally, it is said to be 11 am-1 pm and 7-9 pm. This is generally said to be the time when maximum people are active. Next, it is also advised that you post on holidays, important events, etc. You see, how little things matter! If you are reposting someone else’s travel-related content, make sure you take permission and give credits. 

  1.   Your content has to be strong.

It’s all about the content! It has to be relevant, strong, and relatable. For travel accounts, you are supposed to use proper keywords and geotags. Good pictures and videos are a must. Enlighten people about the specialties of a place. You can talk about the food, the local culture. Make a video about the locals conversing in their language, etc. Your audience should be able to connect with your content.

  1.   Engagement with your followers is really important.

Engage with your followers. They are your Instagram family. Reply to their comments and pin the good ones. Keep some question answers or live sessions and talk to them. You can also ask them what they would like to see in the upcoming posts. This boosts your fanbase.

  1.   Use Instagram tools

Make the best use of different Instagram tools. There are other third-party growth tools as well, like Kicksta, Linktree, etc. which claim to give you a good organic follower base, but mostly, you should rely more on the Instagram tools. If you use them correctly, they are good enough to give you your target audience.

  • Use Instagram Stories. Use polls, countdowns, stickers, hashtags, and other tactics in your stories. But make that you do not spam or flood your audience with those stories. An average of 2.5-3 stories a week is considered good.
  • Use Instagram live. First of all, it sends a push notification to your followers. So people can immediately come to know. Moreover, it’s the best way to bond with your audience. Have well-planned live sessions, and you can also use countdowns to make people aware of your upcoming sessions.
  • Use Sponsored Ads. You can have an Instagram Ad campaign. You are free to decide your budget and schedule your ad placement and target your audience accordingly.
  • Use IGTV. This video platform by Instagram enables better communication. You can talk about travel guides, tips, behind the scenes, some bloopers, etc. and leave some indelible impressions on your audience!
  • Use Highlight Folders. You can have separate highlight folders for different places. You can then have a folder of all the questions that you have ever answered or all the shoutouts you have received. People do check out the highlight folders when they visit your profiles. Keep them systematic and attractive!
  1.   Follow and support other travel accounts.

#Followforfollow is a thing on Instagram! So you are supposed to follow and support other travel accounts. That is important if you want to get followers back. This is the rule for social media engagement. You have to connect with people from your niche. Moreover, you’ll always learn something new from them and get new ideas.

  1.   Use the right hashtags.

Instagram is about the correct hashtags. You have to use the relevant hashtags like #travel, #travelblogger, etc. They are a must and stand out by using some different hashtags. It should be something unique that people identify as your ‘thing.’ One or two hashtags that instantly help people recognize your account. Keep up with the trending hashtags. Keep your hashtag game strong!

  1.   Promote your Instagram account on other platforms

If you have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, or a Twitter account, you can promote your Instagram travel account on those platforms. Your audience is supposed to be aware of your presence on different social media.

  1.   Keep it genuine!

If your account has a positive, genuine vibe about it, your audience will connect to you on a different level. Enjoy your work. People would love to see you doing your happy thing. Of course, you can edit your posts but do not use too many filters or Photoshop features. The true essence should not be lost in the process.

We all do things. But successful people just do it the right way! Gone are the hard workdays. This is the era of smart work. Focus and channelize your energies well and in the direct direction. So make the best use of these tricks and tips and watch your Instagram Travel Account getting popular at lightning speed. Also, please know that all this will not work overnight! Be patient, and keep following your passion. Happy traveling and happy Instagramming!