If you have not bought art for your home before, it can be a daunting, not to mention confusing process.

How do you pick the right art to complement your home?

How do you avoid overspending on art?

Should you be supporting local artists?

All of the above questions and more are probably circulating in your head and causing you to become super stressed before you even start the process of choosing the art that you want to purchase for your home.

Thankfully, the below guide will help you with all of the above, teaching you how to buy the right art for your home in only five simple steps.

Are you ready to get started?

1.   Choose art for each room in your home

Don’t think that art can only be displayed in the most prominent areas of your home, such as your dining room and hallway. You should be able to enjoy your chosen artwork wherever you are in your property, from the bedroom to the kitchen, even your bathroom.

The key is to pick the right art to suit the tone of the room. For example, in the kitchen, you might prefer something more frivolous and playful, whereas in the dining room, you might opt for a design that is more imposing and dramatic.

2.   Don’t be fooled into overspending

There is room in every home for more expensive pieces of artwork and for more cost-effective ones. There is nothing wrong with choosing art prints to brighten up your bedroom, bathroom or family room and with options to suit all spaces and budgets, you will definitely be able to find the perfect print for you.

By using a Society6 promo code, you can save even more money on custom made prints that are designed by a diverse selection of local artists, meaning that not only can you enjoy a unique piece of artwork, but you know that you are helping to support creativity in your own community.

3.   Express yourself

Always remember that you are choosing artwork for your own personal space and that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your chosen pieces as long as they bring you joy. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to follow trends when it comes to purchasing artwork, but this can result in you spending years of your life staring at a painting or sculpture that you hate, and for what? Just so that you can say that you bought a piece from this season’s most talked-about artist?

4.   Get to know your artists

If you want to feel a real emotional connection with the artwork in your home, it can be a good idea to get to know the artist who created your piece. Preferably in person, but if not, you can read up about them online.

Try and find out what inspired them to create the artwork in question and get a glimpse into their lives to see what makes them tick. You will be surprised about how much you can learn about the art in your home via the artist themselves.

5.   Be spontaneous

If you see a piece of art that you absolutely love, then buy it. Unique, one-off pieces will not be available for long, and you will kick yourself if another art aficionado snaps it up while you are still sitting on the fence.

That being said, don’t be pressured into paying over the odds for a piece that you cannot afford. You will soon stop loving your artwork if it stops you from paying your bills.