By Martin Ruffell


SHOCKING footage shows the moment a BLM protest group clashed with a local gang.

In the video taken at the Black Lives Matter Defund the Police Rally in Boise, Idaho, USA, a counter protester wearing a black baseball cap and green and black t-shirt can be seen repeatedly hitting a grey haired man in the back of the head.

In a second clip, a middle-aged woman can be seen taking a swing at a younger girl as scuffles broke out at the tense rally.

The lady is held back after punching a BLM protester in the face. / @sammyhager2020

According to  Samantha Hager who recorded the footage, 52-year-old victim Joseph Evans was “struck multiple times in the head until he had concussion.”

Whilst the second victim, a 17-year-old girl called Alex, was “unfairly sucker punched.”

According to Samantha, the protest from her group ‘Peaceful Roots For Change’ was supposed to be just that, peaceful.

Tensions are high between these two sets of protesters. / @sammyhager2020

“We heard that some local neo-Nazi groups, nationalist groups, and biker gangs all were planning a big counter protest to scare BLM Boise,” she said.

“We went to try and protect people and diffuse dangerous situations.

“Unfortunately they brought a massive siren to drown out our speakers, started hitting us with their signs and flagpoles and began chanting f*ck all n***ers.”

The police show up to the confrontation, but no arrests appear to have been made. / @sammyhager2020

And Samantha claims that the police weren’t too keen to help her and her friends. However, despite the ugly scenes at the rally, this protester has no intention of backing down.

“One cop said, ‘it’s not our job to protect you’ and another said, ‘why should we help you when you want us defunded?’,” she said.

“We have plans for more protests but we’re now becoming far more prepared with medical gear and self-defence gear so that we can keep protesting.

BLM and counter protesters scrap outside of the Boise City Hall in Idaho. / @sammyhager2020

“Joe now plans to carry his gun and self-defence gear and I am equipping my young friend Alex with pepper spray and a self-defence stun gun.

“You can’t stop this, and you can’t stop us.”