By Martin Ruffell


FOOTAGE captures the adorable moment a three-year-old girl nails dropping into a ramp on her skateboard.

They say that if at first you don’t succeed then try, try and try again. This is the mantra Autumn California Bailey from Brighton, UK, is living by, even before starting primary school.

In remarkable footage taken recently by her mum, Tara, Autumn is seen attempting over and over again to successfully land the drop-in move. Falling over doesn’t seem to be an issue for this little one who shows incredible determination to keep on going until she lands it.

The three-year-old shows incredible balance at the top of the ramp. mediadrumworldtv / @autumnskating

With ‘You Are Lucky To Be You’ printed across her bright yellow sweatshirt, it appears this is most certainly true for young Autumn who showed an incredible natural ability for skateboarding even at a very young age, according to Tara.

She said, “She’s had a skateboard since she was six months old. When she turned one, she started standing on her dad’s board with him while he skated and just really enjoyed it. When she turned two, she started standing and going down small ramps and it progressed from there.”

Her exceptional skill level is most certainly turning heads at the local skatepark.

Three-year-old Autumn stands ready at the top of the ramp. mediadrumworldtv / @autumnskating

Tara added, “The second she starts to skate though, the reaction is amazing. People cheer, clap and slam their boards and the look on Autumn’s face is priceless.”

Yet despite this growing attention from those who witness her special talents and the 40,000 people who follow her on Instagram, Autumn is keeping her options for the future very much open. Although the three-year-old says she ‘wants to skateboard forever’, her other ambitions include being a ‘skateboarding doctor’, a magician, ‘someone who digs up dinosaurs’ and an artist (the latter allowing her the freedom to paint on the walls of her house without her mum telling her off).

Autumn’s mum and dad are supportive of whatever she decides to do. Tara added, “If tomorrow Autumn wakes up and decides she doesn’t want to skate anymore then we will support her in whatever she wants to do next. We are incredibly lucky to have such a kind, strong and thoughtful child and to us although skating makes up a huge part of who autumn is it is just a part of her and not the whole picture.”