You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a property with period features, however it celebrates its third birthday in June 2020. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/AaronRiddle/SteveParke

By Alexander Greensmith


LIVE LIKE Frodo Baggins for a night in this real-life HOBBIT HOUSE – but hurry, it’s already fully booked until OCTOBER.

Snuggled in the countryside of Virginia, Hobbit’s Dream is a gorgeous holiday home with a 100 per cent rating on the accommodation website Airbnb.

Auburn circular wooden facades hark comparisons to fictional homes in Middle-earth. An enticing double bed complete with fur blankets hints to the ferocious beasts found in the The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Dragons, fireplaces, and fairy lights complete an inviting fantasy feel.

You can have the whole abode – with patio included – to yourself for just ÂŁ199 per night. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/AaronRiddle/SteveParke

While the ceilings are a little taller than the homes are in J.R.R Tolkien’s 1937 book The Hobbit, up to four guests can stay at the unique dwelling snuggled in leafy Fairfield, Virginia, United States.

Although the property is currently fully booked until October, you can stay at the Hobbit House for just ÂŁ199 a night. The luxurious listing is on offer thanks to Tolkien superfans Randy and Linda Holland.

Mr Holland even offers vintage craftsmanship workshops for that authentic Tolkienesque-feel. Guests can take their self-carved wooden Hobbit Pipes, Wizard Staffs and broomsticks home with them after their once-in-a-lifetime stay.

The speaker system – which plays music from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies – is perhaps the only modern piece of technology in this stunning shot of the living room. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/AaronRiddle/SteveParke

“Absolutely so authentic that you expect Gandalf to knock on the door with his staff or the Dwarves to ring the bell. It is not just a night’s stay, it’s an adventure,” states the Airbnb webpage.

“Board the Buckleberry Ferry for an evening beverage, meal or a pipe of Old Toby and let your imagination run wild as you follow Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin down the Brandywine to Bree.

“Enjoy your favourite beverage and our specialty seed cake while reading our collection of Hobbity books or just soaking up the magic and listening to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings soundtracks on the Alexa. Bring your cosplay outfits and your favourite games.”

While there are two floor mattresses for up to four guests, Hobbit’s Dream is the perfect getaway for nerdy couples. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/AaronRiddle/SteveParke

While the residence only holds one master bedroom and bathroom, it is a nod to the notoriously small hobbit homes from the children’s novel. And every inch of the property isn’t wasted as it is donned with artwork and memorabilia.

Explorers can relax from geeking out in the patio gardens, which houses an outdoor firepit for cookouts.

Fans of the Peter Jackson movies may be disappointed to learn that there is no TV to watch the films on here. However, a purist could argue this decision compliments the authenticity of the property and respects the artistic integrity of the British author.

While Tolkien died in 1973, his work well and truly lives on in this homely abode. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/AaronRiddle/SteveParke

Built in June 2017 by retired building contractor Randy, the home and its furnishings were meticulously crafted with local wood. Just 10 months later, they were open for business.

The area is surrounded by nature trails for hikers, primed for visitors to re-enact their own trip to Mordor.

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