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By Colin Videll

Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs sit between Sydney Town and the Pacific coast. It is one of Sydney’s most popular areas for tourists, including the regions of Bondi Beach and Watsons Bay. It is well served by public transit and is situated on the same side as the city of Sydney Harbour.

This is where you will find the most famous beach in Australia, beautiful coastal walks, and hidden beaches that local people love. It’s also a shopping area with lots of establishments to choose from and tons of cafes, bars, and restaurants Eastern Suburbs. But what makes a pleasant restaurant atmosphere?

The atmosphere in a restaurant sets the stage. There is more to it than just a dining room away from home. Food is getting the spotlight as guests become their audience. Comfort, intimacy, and even romance are combined with factors such as music, lighting, artwork, and spacing. Here are the categories to help you achieve the perfect atmosphere, which will be a critical factor in your long-term profitability effort:

Interior Design

Start with the interior design of your restaurant. It is important to remember that they judge the facility by its design and colours around them before diners smell or taste the food, and how those things make them feel.

Colour scheme. Colours play a significant role in the environment, as you respond and react to some colours based on past interactions.

Spacing. This goes hand in hand with architecture too. When you want to make the seating arrangements look good while you are at eye level, you have to position yourself in the shoes of the client and pose at multiple tables to see how they feel and look for them while they are dining. Make sure people do not feel cramped or uncomfortable while seated. If you want a location that allows a faster turnaround, place more people in the centre, because in that they begin to feel a little awkward and will not stay until they are done eating.

Lighting. This plays an essential part in interior design. For each table, lighting helps to create an environment that most owners of restaurants in the Eastern Suburbs want to do since each table pays for their own experience. If you have the wrong lighting, it stops certain components you are using from being effective in making the restaurant experience friendly.


The sounds of a restaurant include songs, conversation, kitchen noises, and acoustics. Sounds differ according to restaurant type. If you’re a fun, cheerful restaurant, then it’s great to hear people talking and have TVs or somewhat loud music. All that contributes to the sort of atmosphere that you try to create. But if you’re a more serene, romantic-feeling bar, it’s not good to hear loud music and noise. This is what you will experience visiting restaurants in the Eastern Suburbs.


First off, recruit a workforce full of hardworking, polite people. Employees who work well, perform their roles well and know how to communicate with individuals provide an outstanding environment for your customers. Excellent service undeniably plays a significant role in any given restaurant’s ambience and overall customer experience.

Regardless of the scale of your kitchen, the food you sell, or the audience you’re drawing, creating the right kind of environment will go a long way in helping you operate a successful restaurant. So take the time and make sure it suits the style and diners properly.