It’s the worst feeling to give a gift that everyone knows will never be used, or worse, will be regifted. That’s why we’ve come up with some fabulous next-year gift ideas that people will actually enjoy receiving.


  1. Tickets to an event

If you know your friend or family member is fan of a certain band, sports team or actor, consider finding a suitable event. Tickets to a gig, game or play will give them a special evening out to look forward to a few months down the line. Be sure to buy two or three tickets so they can take you or someone else with them. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a gift card to a nearby restaurant as well. To make the gift special, try making a little booklet for them to flip through with pictures and hints about where you’re sending them.


  1. Fancy food

Head to your local fine foods shop and pick up some special foods. Chocolates, nuts, spreads, chutney, coffee and more can all make fabulous gifts. This is a good option for the foodie in your life. While fancy pasta may not sound exciting to you, certain people will love having some new, special ingredients to experiment with in the kitchen. These items can also make great stocking stuffers for mom and dad if you’re heading home for the holidays.


  1. Fancy wine

While some people enjoy fancy food, most people enjoy a good fancy bottle of wine. Do some research on nice wines before you splurge on the most expensive bottle. It can be fun to find a bottle with a bit of sentimental value. For instance, if you’ve recently been on a trip to a specific country, try finding a nice wine from the same place. At Christmastime, it can also be nice to purchase a wintery dessert wine like a Port or a Mulled wine.


  1. Useful presents

If you don’t have time to come up with a super unique, personalized gift, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing some really useful, practical presents. Socks, scarves, mitts and (if appropriate) underwear, are the sorts of useful presents that no one really wants but that are always appreciated. If you are able to get some really good quality, durable essentials, your gift is sure to be a success.


  1. A subscription

Subscriptions make amazing presents as they really are the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, they’re really easy to buy last minute as most are purchased online. A streaming service is a great idea for an older relative who might not already have one, while an exercise pass is great for a younger recipient. You can also look into magazine subscriptions or art gallery passes. Try to make the unwrapping fun by printing out a picture or making a special card.


  1. Same-day delivery service

If you really are on a tight schedule, a same-day delivery service is a great, super easy option. It’s also a great option if you need to send someone a gift last-minute, as they’ll deliver to their door within hours.

GiftTree offers a huge range of last minute gifts that will be out for delivery within hours, even on Christmas Day. They have everything from wine to flowers, plus some adorable, unique gifts like stuffed animals, mugs, candles and wine baskets. At GiftTree, the gifts are all of a high quality and are all presented beautifully. Your friend or relative will love the surprise of opening the door to find one of these gorgeous gift baskets.


  1. A gift card to a restaurant or spa

If you have a few hours to call or visit a local restaurant or spa, try picking up a gift card that your friend or family member can use in their own time. Receiving the gift of a relaxing trip to a nice restaurant or spa will give them something to look forward to. This is a great present for someone who may have a had a tough year and could do with some TLC.


  1. A Staycation

For a really special present, book a weekend at a nice local hotel. This is a great gift for a partner or a best friend as the two of you can go together and spend a weekend living in luxury. This will be a opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life without having to go through the hassle or expensive of travelling. Be sure to book room service and any spa treatments so that your Staycation is relaxing and indulgent.


  1. A surprise day out

If you live in the same city as your friend, treat them to a special day out. Plan a few fun stops along the way like a restauarant, a museum or an event. Keep the whole day a surprise so that each stop along the way is like a new present. Your friend will love feeling pampered, plus, the two of you will make some amazing memories on your special day.


  1. Something sentimental

If you’ve known this person for a long time, sometimes a sentimental gift is better than anything that money can buy. Find a favorite photo of you both and frame it. Or, you could put a picture in a locket. You could even give them something you have that reminds you of the first time you met. Sometimes a thoughtful letter can even be an amazing gift.



Nothing is more stressful than scrambling for a Christmas gift. But just remember, just because you’ve left things to the last minute, doesn’t mean you can’t find something meaningful and special to give. Whether you splash out on an expensive event, or you decide to make something special by hand, there are always ways of coming up with the perfect gift at very little notice.