By Balraj Sohal


TENSE footage captures a huge brawl between two TIGERS as they bite and claw each other in a heart-stopping attempt to KILL.

The gripping video and pictures shows one of the striped predators stalking its sleeping counterpart, slowly approaching it with agonising precaution, and as it gradually lowers its head to detect if the tiger is alive or dead, the resting tiger awakens flaring its sharp claws ensuing into a gruesome battle.

INDIA: Neither tiger is eager to give up as they lock eyes. Mediadrumimages/HarshaNarasimhamurthy

The fascinating footage was taken by wildlife photography mentor, Harsha Narasimhamurthy (28) accompanied by Hansraj Gurjar (45) on his expedition in Ranthambhore, India. Harsha admits he was in ‘awe and shock’ observing this brutal altercation whilst leading a photography tour.

Tigers are solitary creatures and are extremely territorial, especially when food becomes scarce, so it comes as no surprise that these two apex predators didn’t shy away from such a battle, especially since they can reach up to lengths of 11-feet and weigh up to 658lb.

INDIA: A frantic leap from one of the tigers to overpower his enemy. Mediadrumimages/HarshaNarasimhamurthy

“I am a big cat lover and tigers hold a special place in my heart, so it was amazing but scary witnessing a fight of this stature,” said Harsha.

“Wildlife is all about being there at the right place at the right time, I was in awe and shock, we didn’t think the tiger would retaliate, but it did, and the roars echoed through the forest.

INDIA: The 11-feet predators showcasing their agility. Mediadrumimages/HarshaNarasimhamurthy

“They kept clawing each other and you could hear their fur ripping apart but thankfully none of them were severely hurt.

“I love the tigers and it hurts to see them fight, but it’s nature, and I’ve got to think about capturing these moments to showcase how shocking but remarkable the wild is.

“This type of photography where you can freeze an incident is what keeps me motivated, it’s a very important tool to showcase some of nature’s best moments, and one that I tell my guests.”