TAIWAN: The eagle unleashes it's claws into the water grabbing it's prey. Mediadrumimages/ChenChen-Kuang

By Balraj Sohal


THRILLING images have captured the dramatic moment an Osprey EAGLE swoops in and grabs its catch from the water.

A stunning picture shows the bird of prey as it plummets with precision towards the water below, whilst another showcases its huge FIFTY-inch wingspan as it glides across the water towards its ill-fated meal.

The stunning shots are accompanied by a dramatic video which shows the bird eyeing-up its meal before going in for the kill with frightening precision.

TAIWAN: A penetrated fish is hauled out of the water by the precise hunter. Mediadrumimages/ChenChen-Kuang

The remarkable incident was captured in Taiwan by Taiwanese photographer Chen Chen-Kuang (63), who recently won first prize at the Hamdan International Photography Awards.

Captivated by birds since an early age, Chen has dedicated his career to photographing the flying beasts, with his Instagram boasting an abundance of different breeds.

TAIWAN: A fixated osprey preparing it’s sharp weaponry. Mediadrumimages/ChenChen-Kuang

“I would see birds in the park and began noticing the array of colours and expressions that they have,” says Chen.

“Then I started photographing them, which eventually led me to eagles.

“You can easily spend a lot of money on purchasing the right equipment to capture these magnificent birds in all their glory, but the outcome makes it all worthwhile, and I love it very much.

TAIWAN: The eagle unleashes it’s claws into the water grabbing it’s prey. Mediadrumimages/ChenChen-Kuang

“After you begin to persistently shoot eagles, you start to see their beauty and how they are able to cooperate with you… it’s amazing.”

To keep up to date with Chen’s adventures, check out his Instagram here.