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By Mark McConville


MEET THE couple who designed an ultra-modern tiny house for just £50k and say it’s as functional as any normal house.

Incredible images show the jet black exterior with hints of cedar trim, the extensive porch area and the modern kitchen.

Mediadrumimages / @tailored_tiny_co

Other striking shots show the surprisingly spacious bedroom, the comfy living areas and a second bed on a loft overlooking the rest of the property.

The remarkable tiny home is located in the Blue Mountains, Australia and belongs to Barista and Cafe Manager Lisa Tranter (31), from Katoomba, New South Wales and plumber Matt Hobbs (32), from Blaxland, New South Wales.

Mediadrumimages / @tailored_tiny_co

“I’m a little obsessed with tiny houses and after talking at Matt long enough about them he decided he’d like to give it a try,” said Lisa.

“I lived in a studio apartment so the tiny house isn’t very different from wht I was living in except for the functioning kitchen.”

“I lived in a four-bed house so the tiny house is definitely different but we designed the house together with the intention to make it as functional as a normal house, just smaller,” added Matt.

Mediadrumimages / @tailored_tiny_co

The black exterior of the home, coupled with its height and remarkable modern shade cloths which cover the deck give this tiny home an almost imposing look.

The house is taller than a normal home on wheels which adds a sense of space while the kitchen contains all the modern amenities you might need.

“We love the smaller space, and we have everything we need,” said Lisa.

Mediadrumimages / @tailored_tiny_co

“We love having a smaller carbon footprint, and the cleaning is minimal and quick. This journey is not for everyone, so be sure you’re making the right decision.

“When you do though, think about all the things that are important to you and make sure you include them in your design, catalogue ideas that you might like to use in your own house,  start downsizing the things you don’t need anymore and try to practise aspects of minimalism, so when you move it’s not such an overwhelming job.

Mediadrumimages / @tailored_tiny_co

“We plan on going off grid as a second phase of our build which will commence hopefully his year. Plans for our build will be for sale through our website, likewise, we would love to try out some of the ideas that didn’t make the cut in this house, so we are planning on building more and selling them.”